I Learnt Something New In This Batman: Arkham City Lore Breakdown

Batman week continues! We've posted several "Lore in a Minute" videos - they're always very funny, though sometimes, as was the case with Kingdom Hearts, I still have no idea what the hell is going on in the game.

However, the new Batman: Arkham City lore-in-a-minute video taught me something about the game's backstory that I didn't know. Maybe I missed it somewhere in all the grappling and bataranging, but I had missed the backstory of Arkham City itself. The sequence of events leading to its creation must have been outlined in a collectible or nested menu that I missed. Or maybe it was super obvious, and I really was too busy double-fist-punching thugs in the crotch in slow motion to notice.

At any rate, these videos are always a good time, and this one is no exception. Watch more videos over at the Lore in a Minute YouTube page.


    I just picked up Arkham City in the Steam Sales, this was an awesome refresher.

    Cheers for the link.

    Seen tdkr last night. Its epic and bane is truly terrifying in places, as for catwomen..my oppinion is irelevent. Watch it people!!

    The lore mentioned here is taken from the Arkham Unhinged mini series published by DC comics via its digital comics service

    It's a pity that **SPOILERS**.

    Strange was largely superfluous, and nothing ever really came from him knowing who Bruce is.

      I agree. I love me some Joker as much as the next guy, but I was really hoping for Strange to get his time in the limelight with this game. But it fairly quickly becomes apparent in the game that all the other villains are meant to be satellites around the Joker gas giant. :-P

    All this information was in the Arkham City Comics, that was released leading upto AC.

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