Batman: Arkham City Awarded A 6 Out Of 5


    This article delivers! ... I couple of lines. Ugh

      a couple*

      I think every time someone feels compelled to complain about the articles here we should all declare our love for cakes.

      +1 for cake!

    There is only 1 game that I will allow to break the scoring system and that was Guitar Hero II, it was given 11/10 by someone. Though mainly it was also a reference to This Is Spinal Tap, which made it all the more awesome! :)

      But they could have just made the 10 louder...

        These go to 11.

          These go one louder, exactly!

        In which case, 11 would be even more awesome/ear-splitting.

    It's all about keeping up with the Joneses. Games are getting full points these days so we have to start breaking the upper limit and going 1 better. If escalation continues we're going to have scores like IntegerOverflowError/IntegerOverflowError.

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