It’s Called The Virgin White Box Set

It’s Called The Virgin White Box Set

Marvelous Entertainment has announced the official release date for the PSP game Fate/Extra CCC; it’s February 21, 2013. Along with a release date, three videos, new character details, and information on limited edition goods of the game have been uploaded to the official site as well.

Fate/Extra CCC is a dungeon RPG game on the PSP and is a sequel to Fate/Extra. The game is based off of the visual novel Fate/Stay Night, but in a parallel universe.

The first video is a promotional video of the game’s theme song “Sakura Meikyuu(Blossom Maze)”. The second is a message from the game’s main heroine, Saber, to the players waiting for the game’s release. The last video is a detailed report on the Figma action figure of Saber that will be attached with the limited edition of the game.

The limited edition of the game, or Fate/Extra CCC Virgin White box set, will come with a special figure of Saber in a wedding dress, the game’s artwork, stickers with character designs, a character song CD that includes three songs by the voice actor of Saber, and a brides magazine of Saber. Basically, the Virgin White Box set is completely dedicated to the character Saber.

So, here goes the box set? Dun, dun, du, dun.

Official Site of Fate/Extra CCC


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