Reader Review: Fate: Unlimited Code

Do you have what it takes to get a review published right here on Kotaku? Daniel does, as he dukes it out with PSP fighting game Fate: Unlimited Code.

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Fate: Unlimited Code (PSP)

Fate/Unlimited Code Portable is a port of the PS2 fighting game based on the Fate Stay/Night anime and Visual Novel. The gameplay is fast and focuses on stringing long combos with involves ground, aerial and the occasional super and EX attacks.

Loved The Cast: Whilst the number of characters feel small compared to games like Tekken: Dark Resurrection each character is unique and has it own style of fighting. Some characters have unlockable costumes that add personality to the characters as well.

The Combat Style: Like most fighting games, this game has its own style of playing, really on stringing very long combo in a short period of time. It also requires knowledge of basic advanced (oxymoronic =P) gameplay techiques like cancelling and reflect guarding.

Controls: Like good fighting games, the controls are easy to learn and difficult to master, so with a little bit of practice you can be pretty good with the game.

Hated Certain gameplay mechanics: Certain gameplay mechanics such as the Holy Grail are annoying. Filling the Holy Grail is required to use your character's EX Super. However the Grail can only be used once per round so only 1 person can pull off their EX Super per round. And if you miss, bad luck.

Overall, Fate: Unlimited Code is good game but aimed for the more experience fighting game crowd.

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    You might want to put a paragraph in about availability. As far as I'm aware this is a Japanese import, and isn't available in english? I know Bandai were talking about a US release but that hasn't happened yet has it?

    On the game itself, how does it compare to Melty Blood, if you've played that?

      NegativeZero, you're correct. This is currently only available in Japan.

      Ah that slipped my mind as i was more worried about condensing the review into 200 words.

      But yes, it is only available in Japan so at the moment your best bet is to import it. And i would recommend Play Asia for that.

      Well, since we are talking about the PSP version, I could consider it a more basic version of Melty Blood as the controls are simplified.
      And the difficulty is also lacking. Graphically it better but overall in terms of gameplay, its more streamlined.

      Though the PS2 version can be consider on par to Melty Blood, with similar controls and gameplay mechanics. The main differences in PS2 F/UC and Melty Blood is that there is no Story mode in F/UC and different method to pull off your EX SUPER/Last Arc

    Hey it my review o_o
    I didn't expect it to be published though.

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