We Want Your Reader Reviews

And we'll publish them, too. That’s right, we want you to share your views on the latest games with the rest of the Kotaku community.

It’s easy. Just write a review of a (fairly) recent game and send it to us.

OK, it’s not quite that easy. Your review must conform to the standard Kotaku review template, meaning it must contain:

* A brief introduction detailing what the game is about * A description of the things you LOVED * A description of the things you HATED * A brief conclusion detailing your overall opinion

And you must do all this in under 200 words.

Check out the reader reviews we've published so far of LocoRoco 2, Rag Doll Kung Fu and Fate: Unlimited Code.

We’re looking for sharp writing, keen analysis and interesting views. Include your name and of course the name of the game you’re reviewing and email it to us with “Kotaku Reader Review” in the subject. We’ll be publishing the best ones as we receive them and - hopefully - we’ll be offering a small prize incentive for the very best. Stay tuned.


    Is 200 words a guideline or a hard limit?

      Give or take. Put it this way, I won't not publish something good if it's 201 wrods.

    BAHAHA! Mad props to Margaret and David up there. Such a legacy, and such a high mark of excellence to live up to! =D

    margaret is a babe

      I bet David is a sub.

    Under 200 words? I'll have to give it a go then, though it'll be hard not going over that in the opening :P

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