Let's All Read This Terrific 1992 Star Fox Comic

If you think everything Nintendo did in the early 1990s outside actual video games sucked, well, no! Sure, there were some awful TV shows, but not everything was bad. This Star Fox comic, for example, was great. It ran in Nintendo Power magazine in 1992, and had - considering the scale of the project - some pretty good art. The writing wouldn't win an Eisner, but then, this is a series whose most memorable line is DO A BARRELL ROLL. It doesn't need to be Shakespeare.

Star Fox Comic 1992 [Arwing Landing Gallery, via Game & Graphics]


    Oh man I read this ages ago. If you're at all a fan of the series, you gave to read this thing. It's fantastic.

    I love the art style.

    The irony! We use the term "it doesn't have to be Plunkett' in my workplace when someone isn't really trying.

    Oh Mr Plunkett. I presume you have checked the copyright on this? You journalist you!

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