Why They Also Call Star Fox Tank Fox And Sub Fox

Why They Also Call Star Fox Tank Fox And Sub Fox

He’s not just for stars anymore. In Star Fox 64 and its upcoming 3D re-release on the 3DS, Fox McCloud proves himself worthy of the title Tank Fox. Sub Fox is just something Krystal likes to call him when they’re alone.


  • I’m seriously not looking forward to this. I never played the original, but $70 is a steep asking price for a remake that won’t have online play and won’t have any extra levels.

    Plus, wasn’t that water level featured on Screw Attacks worst water level countdown? Why would they make a trailer highlighting it?

    • The water level may have been challenging but I remember having fun playing it.

      Seriusly if you haven’t played before $70 is a fantastic price for a fantastic game!

      • $70 is a big price. Remakes should be $30-$40 unless they have something substantial or new to them. Just because it’s on 3DS doesn’t mean it’s price tag is justified.

        I ordered an American 3DS last week, gave my old one to my brother and got one off play-asia. (as I won’t be able to play Overclocked otherwise). I’ll get this game for $30 when the price drops in America if it’s any good, but there’s no way I’m paying the Australian retail price. I’m not stupid.

        • I loved this game back on N64 and will buy it again for 3DS but I won’t be paying $70, you’d be daft to.

          Ozgameshop is selling it at $45 anyway, and will likely be shipped prior to the Aussie release. No-one buys retail if they can help it these days.

    • It was on there, but it really isn’t that bad. Compared to the rest of the levels, it’s a solo experience. It was worse on the N64 because it had a frame rate drop and it was pretty goddamn dark most the time (it gets dark in this video too).

  • Yeah I wouldn’t pay $70 for this, $30 maybe.
    Was certainly great when it came out and the water level wasn’t so bad, felt very slow after all the ship battles but it was less frustrating then the tank at times (hovering over things was a pain).

  • This is the one game I’ve been looking forward to most on 3DS. Not only is Lylat Wars a fantastic game, but I’m confident it’s also one that will actually benefit and/or actually make use of the 3D.

    It won’t have online play, but the multiplayer is supposed to be quite fantastic. Stupid Nintendo.

  • Those voices. Have they been rerecorded, or do they just sound different because of the N64-3DS’s sound technology are so different?

    Oh man, I played Lylat Wars so much as a kid. What I would have done for a handheld version back then…
    I’d get it now if I had a 3DS.

    • I think they’re supposed to be rerecorded, but with the same actors. Though I’ve heard that Wolf sounds completely different. Superfrown.

  • This and OOT are the two reasons I bought a 3DS. I grew up with these games.

    If they release Majora’s Mask 3DS I think i’ll be the happiest person ever.

    N64 remakes FTW!

    • So what you’re saying is that you’re basically jammed in the past. Don’t get me wrong, those games are classics and all, but new hardware should be for new games, not so we can all relive our childhoods.

      • ^ This. If you want to get your nostalgia on, that’s what, y’know, /certain programs/ are for. And maybe XBLA/PSN titles and stuff.

        Buying an entire console just for nostalgia… Man Nintendo fanboys have more money than sense.

  • Wait, it’s not out here yet? lol, I was in Japan last month and playing it in a shop, felt so nostalgic…

  • It cost $15 on Wii Virtual Console and I didn’t buy it then..wait why am I even commenting, I don’t own a 3DS.

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