Star Fox For Nintendo 3DS ‘Ups The Star Fox Mania’

Star Fox For Nintendo 3DS ‘Ups The Star Fox Mania’

There’s a new old Star Fox coming to the Nintendo 3DS, a remake of the Nintendo 64 classic that, according to Nintendo, “ups the Star Fox mania” with a pair of new features, seemingly designed for Star Fox maniacs.

It’s not the improved take on Star Fox 64’s multiplayer mode, though that’s in the 3DS update and playable over a local wi-fi connection. There are new multiplayer modes and weapons in Star Fox 64 3D. It’s also not the graphical overhaul of the Nintendo 64 original.

It’s these additions:

  • “The new Score Attack Mode allows the player to revisit any planet and play for a high score on that level.”
  • “New features also allow first-time players to enjoy the excitement of Star Fox.”

Crazy. Just crazy. Star Fox 64 3D doesn’t have a firm release date yet; Nintendo says 2011. The Nintendo 3DS game wasn’t playable during this week’s event in New York City – even though it was playable at E3 2010 – so we don’t expect it to be among those launch window games due by June.


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