They're Making Gran Turismo 6 Right Now

Surprised? Shocked? Eh, not really? At the China Joy gaming event in Shanghai, Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi once again stated that work on Gran Turismo 6 shortly after GT5 finished (something he told Kotaku back in 2010).

Yamauchi also reiterated that he and his studio always have their eye on the cutting edge of visual expression — which probably means Gran Turismo 6, whenever it's finally done, will look impressive.

(Back in 2010, Yamauchi told website Eurogamer that he didn't know if Gran Turismo 6 would be on the PS3 or the PS4. As the next PlayStation approaches, it's logical to assume the next GT will appear on the PlayStation 4.)

Also at China Joy, Yamauchi mentioned the possibility of a PS Vita Gran Turismo, saying, "If we made it, I'd want it to have this: the ability to play and use 3G whenever."

Forget that, because now the race is to see how many Forza games, rival studio Turn 10 can race out before Gran Turismo 6 is eventually completed in the year 20XX.

山内一典氏のイベントでは「GT6」開発着手にコアなファンが大興奮! [Game Watch]

Image: ぶる [GT5 Photo.Lounge]


    When you compare GT5 and Forza4 side by side its really quite embarrassing how inferior GT5 is given how much time they spent on it. It's not terrible, but once you have played Forza 4 its very hard to go back to GT5 and feel anything other than dissatisfaction.

    Yes I own both and have played both extensively.

      I prefer the car handling in GT5, but there is definitely room for improvement. The long-awaited implementation of vehicle damage is laughably bad - the cars look more like they've partially melted. And the sound is atrocious - engine noise really doesn't sound much like the actual cars, and collisions with walls or other cars just sound like somebody kicking a cardboard box.

        Yeah I'm not sure I'd say I prefer it but the handling is defiantly really good.

          Also I think GT5 has much better replays than Forza 4 which doesn't have an exclusive tracks side track camera and uses the same positions every lap. Forza has always annoyed me since the first one, there will be a really good chicane that you nail and you think i'll check that in the replay and the camera is looking up at the sky panning down to the car, IT REALLY PISSES ME OFF! :)

        Oh who cares about collisions, the whole point is to drive, and driving isn't colliding :)

        The problem with GT5 is that apart from its fantastic physics and oozing style, its a muddled mess. IT's like running windows on a macbook. Polyphony have, in a very Japanese way, firmly stuck their head in the sand and ignored most of what the rest of the world has been innovating. That being said, I'd still rather GT over Forza anyday, even with its flaws GT has its own spirit, Forza feels like a committee made 'racing car game'

          You need to watch Days of Thunder again... Rubbin's Racin'

            the thing that has made me put my copy of GT5 away is the extraordinarily annoying user interface. It really acts as a barrier to picking up the game and playing. The need to waste minutes of time seeing the cars you've won before they go in your garage.Sure the improved it a few releases ago but its absolutely terrible still. I bought the PS2 for GT3 & GT4 and the PS3 for GT5.

            That said the return of information about the cars is great. I love reading about the cars and their history. Will I go back to playing GT5.

              Totally agreed. The UI was appalling. I so much wanted to like GT5, but it seemed as if it was designed to make it as clunky and time-consuming as possible to make adjustments to your car, to get on the track, to retry a race or test, to change any option at all...

              The other problems were the UI and collision physics. I know people say "you shouldn't crash" but the UI practically delighted in crashing into me and it cheesed me off SO MUCH (and the unreality of the collision physics compared to all the other physics was just so glaring).

              The game just had no polish. I have no idea what they spent all that time doing.

            No, it's not. Fairly basic principle in motorsport is to avoid it. And if you are talking about a noticeable amount of damage I don't think "Rubbin" is the right word.

      I feel the exact opposite to your statement, other than the far advanced customization that Forza offers. The horrendous renderings of real life courses and completely inferior handling characteristics have steered me (no pun intended) to never buy a forza game again.

      Their constant use of a gaming engine that's outdated reminds me a a call of duty franchise that has come and gone with the times that has created it.

      If you're an 11yr old girl... Forza will be your shit. If you require sustenance and continued gameplay, gran turismo will always be by your side.

        Being a Gt5 and Sony fanboy must be a hard living boy, it's tough on the streets...

    Better damage / collisions, premium cars all around. Much better more realistic tuning with different brands and type of part, engine swaps etc. The ability to turn your road cars into fully fledged race cars. More real world events / series and tracks, better career mode...and that aughta about do it. See you in 15 years :p

      Oh, more cars on track, more dynamic weather, track conditions and day / night cycle, ability to do online driver swaps making online endurance races a realistic possibility

    They need to spend less time on the cutting edge visuals, and more time making the racing enjoyable.

    The delays of GT5, lest we forget.

    They desperately need to catch up to Forza in terms of features and content.

    GT5 was so over rated. Forza looked better, had better classes for online play, better car customization and tuning. etc

    release it for the pc....

    So it should be ready for the PS4's first hardware revision or "slim" console, then?

    This I going to look awesome running on the PS14.

    I hope it won't be Gran Turismo 5,5, because when I bought 5 I was very dissapointed, looked so much like Gran Turismo 4, and today I would prefer GT4 over GT5 at any time.

    I bought a PS3 for GT5 and I sold it because of GT5 too. The menus were horrible and it didn't feel like it had any of the quality or polish of Forza 4. As much as I hate to say it, I had much more fun with ANY of the other Forza games.

      I totally agree about the menu's. I mean, they look great but are so slow to navigate through. I'm sure it's saving your progress with every menu selection.
      That been said, I love GT5 and will definitely buy GT6 when it comes out in the next 20-30 years.


      Yes King that's adorable but Forza is the mutha fucking Emperor of racing so sit back in your corner you mutt

        *Emperor of arcade racing* Fixed.

    Take Gran Turismo 2 , Update the Cars, Graphics, add more customisation feautures and an online mode and you will the perfect GT Game.

    Urgh... it was supposed to be released on launch of PS3, and then delayed until 4 years later....

    I don't like Forza because of the awful graphics and unrealistic car controls.

    In other words it doesn't feel like a driving sim, more like an arcade game.

    Plain and simple gt5 has everything forza doesnt and vice versa

      What does Gt5 have? The Nissan cube? They can fcking keep it thanks I'm happy with a racing game that doesn't look like it was made in 2006 and that's being generous

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