One Of The Truly Great Nerd Artists Honoured With A Documentary

It's been a sad year for lovers of classic sci-fi and fantasy art, with the passing of both Ralph McQuarrie and Moebius. If that's got you down, maybe this might help pick you up: there's a documentary coming that's all about Drew Struzan, a man whose work you'd be familiar with if you've ever been to a movie theatre or picked up a DVD/VHS box.

Struzan is responsible for some of the most iconic film posters in history, like those for the Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Back to the Future series. And The Goonies. And Blade Runner. And Police Academy. And ET. And Rambo. And Hellboy, and Harry Potter, and, well, you get the idea.

The documentary is called The Man Behind The Poster and features interviews with noted Hollywood types, as well as the man himself. If all it achieves is to show people the man behind the images they probably already know and love, then it'll have done good work.


    seriously cool.

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