Pandaren Are The Space Orks Of World Of Warcraft

Pandaren Are The Space Orks Of World Of Warcraft
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In today’s warlike episode of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Wocalax posits that World of Warcraft’s newest race is just as lore-killing as Warhammer 40K’s mean green bashing machines. Short, bitter, and generally mean to bears.

The Pandas of World of Warcraft are to the Orks of Warhammer 40K

Mmmmmm, analogy….

Both ruin the lore for me. The Orks are dumb as are their names. The pandas, well, they’re fucking pandas. They are childish to me.

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  • Yeah. Totally out of place. That would be like having a medieval-style fantasy game where the Orcs are from another planet, and there’s a race of blue goats from outer space who crash land in a UFO. Might as well have a race of cow people. Ha ha ha. Wait… what?

  • How are Orks ‘lore killing’ given theyve been there since the start. The only ‘lore killing race’ in 40k would have to be the sisters of battle… silly comment. WOW has cowmen, wolfmen, dwarves, trolls, orcs, pole dancing elves and youre pissed about pandas? Dummmmmmbbbbbb.

  • I cant believe people are still playing this and thay are actually concernd about the validity of the lore?! Its like blizzard just makes sh!t up to make more or something

  • Well given that the Pandaren have been around since Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, I don’t exactly see how they’re lore-killing.

    If we really want to get into it then I’d probably question why night elves would go as far as to start using the arcane magic of a Mage.

    Or why Worgen are taking sides with the Alliance especially since Gilneas wanted nothing to do with most of the Orc/Human wars.

    • The Pandarens were originally an april fools joke. Then an easter egg in Warcraft 3. The joke has now progressed too far. It was funny to begin with because the idea was ridiculous. It’s retarded now because the idea is still ridiculous….

  • That ruins the lore for you? What about the blue space goats that crashed their spaceship into Azeroth and decided to become Shamans.

    That was all A-OK and not Lore breaking for you?

    As for Orks in 40k, they have been a joke race from the very begining and no one will try to argue otherwise. At least the Orks know what they are and embrace it where as we are supposed to take the pandas and all their asian stereotypes seriously.

  • Is this trying to be serious?

    Orks killing Warhammer 40,000 lore? Wha… did the author even understand Orks at all?

  • This guy doesn’t seem to know much about 40k, since the original incarnation of 40k had a lot more fantasy crossovers than it has now, like Squats (Space Dwarves) and Slann (Lizardmen), so I don’t see how Orks could somehow be ‘lore-breaking’.

    And by far and away, 40k Orks are the most hilarious and badarse Orks/Orcs in all of fantasy and science fiction. They manage to provide comic relief without making them weak or lame. 40k Orks ar da best Orks!

    • This guyyyyyy …. Actually understands 40k.

      It’s a SciFi version of Warhammer Fantasy.. I mean hell, they have the same Chaos Gods, they have space elves/dark elves… Silly article is silly. As are the Panderan.


        Stupid article is stupid. Orks are the best part of 40k. Settled. Especially if the author thinks that Space Marines are worth getting excited over.

    • Stinky humies trying to take our fun away, we bash and smash and blow them up, then we build more shiny things to go find somone else to troll

  • I used to think they were a joke too. From what i’ve read Orks are meant to be the opposite to the eldar. They use their inherent magic to make their junk machines work. So they fit in the warhammer 40k world.

  • They are not the kung-fu Panda’s we need, but they are the kung-fu panda’s we deserve… as punishment..

  • It’s true. Pandarans and Orks save their respective universes from being dull, boring, lifeless and stupid. They’re also a great antisocial filter. Anybody who doesn’t like either can FOAD.

  • So.. this is the part where Kotaku points out Speak Up posts they’d like to see roasted for their staggering dumbness, right?

    Still, I wish Wocalax all the best in getting over his aversion to childish things. Adulthood is gonna be hard on him if he doesn’t.

  • this is wat killed wow for me. I played through from out lands to cata. i even put up with the dragons cos they some how seem to fit the lore. the old lore.
    pandas???? this is just some fantasy one of the original guys who were involved in wow watned to do for a long time. and some how they agreed to do this. Ive played the beta and its just does not feel like wow.
    wow used to be dark and full of good lore. now it feels like jade empire took a dump on wow.

  • I love the Pandaren. Are there any other games out there that have Panda-people?

    They have been around longer than Kung-fu Panda has. They were around as far back as Warcraft III. They were created by Samwise Didier. One of Blizz’s art guys. Also the singer from L85ETC.

    You can choose to dislike something as much as you want, but Pandaren being in World of Warcraft makes more sense from a lore point of view than Tauren Paladins, Night Elf Mages (y’all remember the reason why some High Elves became Night Elves right? That whole ban on arcane magic? Yeeeeaaaah…), faction-specific Goblins or even Draenei.

    So while you personally may not like Pandaren, no one is forcing you to play as one. Just because they’re added to the game for other people’s enjoyment shouldn’t detract from your enjoyment of playing it.

  • Giant walking/talking pandas are a stupid joke but giant walking/talking cows are fair game?
    Also Gnomes…face it Warcraft always had silly lore (not that silly is a bad thing)

  • You usually only see this many haters together in one place when its a COD article. Guess I should have expected it. WoW generally does bring out the nay sayers and people who like to complain about anything popular. They’re the hipsters of the gaming community.

  • They’re dumb because they have ‘dumb’ names. Truly a sparkling thesis.

    I honestly can’t say much about the giant pandas, but I don’t see how Wocalax comes to the conclusion for either race, especially with such irrefutable proof as dumb name = lore breaking. And childish! Because these giant pandas presumably make faces at you after they strike you down? Or they squat multiple times over defeated enemies?

  • Orks were engineered by giant space psi frogs to battle the space undead necron’s and their masters during the war in heaven. Or they were, but 40k retcons things so often its probably changed again given the new Necron codex.

    Either way the races don’t stand up to comparison.

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