Peter Molyneux’s Next Game Hides A ‘Life-Changingly Important’ Surprise

Peter Molyneux’s Next Game Hides A ‘Life-Changingly Important’ Surprise

The creator of games like Fable and Black & White is releasing an experimental game called Curiosity for PC, Android and iOS. The concept is that players all around the world can click to tap away at a black cube, simultaneously chipping at it until it finally cracks. When it opens, it reveals a hidden secret. The catch: only the player to open the cube gets to see the secret.

Speaking at the Rezzed conference in Europe today (as reported by Eurogamer), Molyneux said Curiosity will be out August 22. He also said what’s hidden inside the cube will be “so valuable, and so life-changingly important”.

“It’s so amazing I think it will appear on news reports,” Molyneux said, “though it’s not a dead cat, by the way.”

Life-changing… but not a dead cat? Well I’m certainly stumped. [Ed’s note: Said cat sounds like poor Schrödinger’s.]

Molyneux’s next game Curiosity dated, detailed for iOS, Android and PC [Eurogamer]


  • Probably just a cash prize? Anyway it’s getting seriously difficult to discern real Molyneux quotes from his twitter parody

  • “Curiosity” also known as “Gold Lotto”. Seriously folks ou would have to be a moron to get involved with this new crazy scheme by this con “artist”. Is he really an artist anymore? Was he ever, or did he just associate himself with talented people and take the praise for himself? I think he as always been all talk and no talent personally, and everytime he opens his mout he only reinforces that.

    • Smells kinda like Richard ‘who cares about my games, I went to SPACE, bitches!’ Garriott telling everyone his online gambling games and geocaching are the way of the future after he got his ass burned on TR.

  • Meh, I bet it’s nothing.

    It’s a game with micro transactions to play. This is just about getting people to play.

  • I bet the something that’s so “amazing” will be a life lesson. Don’t waste your cash on a stupid game about clicking a cube.

  • The surprise is probably the phrase ‘lower your expectations to avoid being disappointed’.
    The apk, and then the server that the apk interacts with, will probably get hacked and the secret exposed long before ‘schedule’.

    And there’s bound to be loads of hoax stories from people who claim to have been the one to open the cube.

  • The Heisenberg quantum reference is apt because of the Molyneux duality where everything he says is both bullshit and revolutionary until that waveform collapses into one or the other. So far just bullshit

  • Maybe he’ll bring back the RickRoll… Peter Moyneux – DerpHerder (been reading memebase)

  • I reckon it’ll be nothing. Cause that is so ‘meta,’ but really because it’s cheap and easy >_>

  • ” Peter Molyneux’s Next Game Hides A ‘Life-Changingly Important’ Surprise ” What would f***cking surprise me is if he made a good game and not just rehash the same old garbage !

  • What’s wrong with all you stupid people? Talk about no fucking respect, do you all just want Call of Duty or something?

    • Na mate. But it would be great if Peters games were as good as he allways says they are gonna be.

      His games are allways missing loads of features.

      The crazy assed old fart needs to start making good games and stop talking about makingone.

  • “[Ed’s note: Said cat sounds like poor Schrödinger’s.]”

    We got it – you shouldn’t have to explain people’s jokes!

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