Grand Gaming Experiment Curiosity Launches, Players Tap Out Dirty Words

Curiosity, the first experimental game from Peter Molyneux's 22 Cans, is an iOS app that invites the entire world to tap away at a gigantic multilayered cube, revealing its secrets pixel-by-pixel. A "life-changing" secret awaits the single player that makes it to the centre. Right now it says "Fuckers" on the side of it.

No sign of a giant penis yet, though I have faith that humanity will come through for me. Until mankind's children get bored and wander off to set things on fire, Curiosity promises to be an ongoing struggle between those seeking deeper meaning and those seeking poop. That's just who we are.


    i put a penis on the side first thing any way cant ven ficnd fuck on it any more

    I've had about half a million coins up and disappear on me overnight.

    It's so buggy. Your coin count goes up and down all the time, it chews up your battery faster than anything I've ever seen, and uses a ton of data in the process.

    It's kinda addictive though. I have over half a million coins and the 300000 coin hammer in my inventory.

    One of the more flaky apps in the world.. I know it's more of a thought/social experiment.. but still.. would have been good to be prepared for the amount of people and what not..

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