Get Your First Look At Peter Molyneux's Next Crazy Experiment Right Here

Game development's most seductive over-promiser doesn't work at Microsoft anymore. He's doing his own thing, starting up a company called 22 Cans and promising a life-altering experience in his next game Curiosity. The world at large hasn't really seen a look at the game. Until now.

Molyneux showed a live demo of Curiosity at the Unite 2012 conference, which is organised by the creators of the popular Unity game development engine. He talks about the thought process behind the game and starts showing it off towards the end of the talk. Don't get too excited; there's no sign of the amazing treasure at the heart of Curiosity's cube in the demo. We'll all get a chance to see what the heck is in Molyneux's fancy box when the game comes out in September.


    Why is his collar popped?

    Is that Dracula? Does Dracula make video games now?

    Why is this guy still allowed to make video games? He's like the Uwe Boll of gaming...

      Hey... postal was good

        Postal was retarded. Guy goes on killing spree cos his mum and dad want him to go to college or someshit. Really, did the coffee man spurn you so much? Wat?

        I think he should go back to bullfrog and make dungeon keeper. Or die. Both good options

          Because we really need less people taking risks and experimenting in games...

      We got a COD fan up in here, you're the kind of person this industry doesn't need. Why are you still allowed to buy video games, we need innovation in the industry, not just the same game released every year.

        Oh yeah innovation. That's a good one! Sounds like somebody is a fanboy up in here. I couldn't give two shots about COD. If I want something with substance, I won't be looking for a COD game nor something PM has had a hand in...

    Really? Uwe Boll? I mean, he talks some crazy shit and never makes up to his hype but the games are ok.

    this is a game?

    I find this man's collar as offensive as Ubisoft's DRM, and will pay for games from neither.

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