Region-Locked Persona Fighter Has 30 To 40 Hours Of Story Mode

First, the good news: fighting game Persona 4: Arena has between 30 to 40 hours of story mode. The bad news? The PS3/Xbox 360 game is apparently region-locked. [Persona 広報 Blog and Atlus]


    PS3 games can't be region locked, and region locking for JP 360 releases is pretty normal. No news here.

      Agreed. I've heard that a region locking option exists but to my knowledge, there hasn't been a single region locked game on PS3 to date.

      Looks like some Atlus staff member is just VERY confused.

    Yeah, but it comes out the same time as other regions, so there's no issue at all. Was going to import but it's almost simultaneous release.

    PS3 games are not region locked. Not a single game released has been. Yet another incorrect article on Kotaku.

      It's not 100% entirely true, but there was a workaround. Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection had different versions for each territory and actually had issues performing on the PS3depending on where you purchased it.

      eg : AU PS3 + US PSN purchase = the game would not display on your screen, IF you were running via the AV Cable.

      Back then (2007) HDTV uptake wasn't all that great, so this was a problem, if you ran the console via a HDMI cable it was fine though. The reason being was the individual versions of the game had their region of SDTV display in the game only + the HD support. So AU needed a game that included 576i support, but the US game only had 480i support.

      I would argue that the PS3 controls region locks via DLC, needing to buy the content from where the game is from. It's not that noticeable at the moment, but going forward with Sony consoles, the Vita is a very big clue to where Sony is heading and that console is quick locked down.

      The game carts will work on any Vita, that is fine, BUT with the Vita only allowing one active account on the console at any time and the need to buy DLC from the same region.

      Buying a US game, I can play it on my MAIN account (AU), but any expansions I can't play under my AU account, I would need to switch to a Secondary US account.

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