Atlus May Release Future Persona Games On Xbox If We Scream At It Enough

Atlus May Release Future Persona Games On Xbox If We Scream At It Enough

Atlus’ history with Xbox has been fragmented at best, but it could have plans to rekindle that relationship.

When was the last time a Persona game released on an Xbox console? The answer is 2014, when Persona 4 Arena Ultimax was released on the Xbox 360. The previous title, Persona 4 Arena, was also released on the Xbox 360 in 2012. Persona 4, however? Nup, nah, none of that.

Previously to that, we saw Catherine get an Xbox 360 release in 2011, Touge R (a Japan-exclusive racing game exclusively on Xbox) in 2002, and Shin Megami Tensei: Nine in 2002, which was also a Japanese and Xbox exclusive. That is roughly the entire history of Atlus games on Xbox consoles.

However, Soul Hackers 2, which launches in August, will become the first new Atlus game on an Xbox console since Persona 4 AU. And based on a user survey, Atlus may be testing the Xbox waters even further.

Each year, Atlus hosts player surveys to get an idea of what fans want. I personally think more developers and publishers should do this, as nobody has ever done this before and I wish to respectfully scream. (Editor’s note: They do, developers run surveys all the time. But Ruby can’t read, which is why she thinks they don’t exist. – David)

I decided to fill out the survey despite not being from North America, as whatever the US gets filters down to Australia eventually. We’re hungry, starving even, and we can only survive on the little scraps we get from the rest of the world. Atlus, please do not send me to jail.

The survey’s pretty lengthy, but once you get to Question 38, Atlus starts to ask what platforms you’d like to see future Atlus games, such as Persona, released on. Spotted by Windows Central, Atlus asks in particular about Xbox.

altus xbox
Screenshot: Atlus

The survey continues to offer Xbox as an option for future questions, including whether or not people would be interested in playing potential Persona RPGs, card games, and online games on Xbox consoles. Now, this doesn’t confirm for sure that classic Atlus game franchises like Persona, Shin Megami Tensei, and Etrian Odyssey will start popping up on Xbox consoles willy-nilly. However, it does show that they haven’t forgotten about the console.

Based on the responses to the survey on Twitter, it looks like players haven’t forgotten either. The general consensus seems to be that people want the Atlus classics available on Xbox, so here’s hoping the survey results reflect that.


    • This may be a crusty opinion, but I’m in the rickety boat of ‘there should be better games available on smartphones’. If they can manage to make working ports of good Atlus games for smartphones, I’d be keen to see it!

      Beats all the ‘Elsa Brain Surgery’ shovelware that haunts the app stores.

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