Some Lady Imitates All The Pokemon To Varying Degrees Of Success

YouTube user Brizzyvoices does her impressions of all 151 original Pocket Monsters in this clip. Some of them are pretty good! Some of them, however, are not.

The now viral video is six minutes long and you momentarily glaze over, it sometimes feels like you're watching an exorcism.

Voice ALL the Pokemon!! [YouTube]


    Some of them were pretty good.

    Well, she's done a good job at freaking me out...

    Lol ash at the end...

    Some of the faces were hilarious.

    I'd love to know what people around her thought.

    LOL this is the best video I have watched all week, brings back memories of my childhood. Good job girl!

    That liktounge got me in the mood

    >because i am doing ALL 151 pokemon
    >ALL 151 pokemon

      In my 90s baby mind there will only ever be 151.

      I want to marry that woman

    I can just imagine this video without the Pokemon stills, it would be an entirely different video. :)

    Watched only for Electabuzz, was not disappointed... Been rewatching the show recently and nearly pissed myself laughing when Electabuzz sounded like it was motorboating

    And she never got laid again.

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