The Future Of PC Graphics Sure Looks Sparkly

The Future Of PC Graphics Sure Looks Sparkly

This video is, supposedly, a demo of PC raytracing tech running on an i7 and Radeon 5870, in DirectX 11. In other words, it’s amazing visuals running on a PC that you might actually already own.

It was created by PC modder Hayssam Keilany, who does work on tweaks for games like Skyrim and GTAIV.

Of note is that it appears to be running in real-time, as he moves the camera and objects around with a mouse. Also of note is that, despite being a tech demo, it’s not a dungeon or starship. Which is nice.

DX11 Real-Time Raytracing Tech Demo [DSOG]


  • It’s amazing to imagine what gaming graphics would be these days if we weren’t held back by the consoles.

        • except that there is also piracy in consoles and services like steam are doing very well selling games that can be easily pirated….

        • So where does, Starcraft 2, WoW, Minecraft and the endless amount of Facebook games come into your statement? I’m pretty sure Blizzard would be doing fine without console gamers. Minecraft creator “What should I do today? I know! I’ll make a worldwide phenomenal game!” *turns off xbox or ps3, turns on computer*

    • On behalf of the PC community I’d like to point out that not all of us think this is true, vaguely true, or even remotely worth believing.

        • I wouldn’t blame the devs as much as the mindless cattle who will lap up $90+ retail titles released every year as long as the number on the end of the title increments by 1.
          People need to stop buying regurgitated crap for devs to stop making it…

        • yes, and the fact that most games are no longer built from the ground up, but upon an existing engine and “last-gen” limitations. Especially in the rapid production cycle (<12mths) that drive the console industry gaming development (which of course, influences the PC devs too)

    • Lol I agree.
      That being said the demo is fairly small in scale. It’s one thing to animate a table top and a few objects it’s another thing entirely to animate a whole battlefield, forests, grassy plain or a person’s hair.
      Steps in the right direction though.
      That being said, I have a mid-high range PC and keep getting crashes when I turn on DX11 and PhysX etc. The drivers for these things are horrible.

      • Try updating the firmware of your graphics card, which should be on the manufactures website. Any game I enabled DX11 in kept crashing on me until I updates my GPU’s firmware

    • I rather worry more about the budget to create those gaming graphics than being held back by the consoles. Otherwise, we would seeing indie titles all day long in PC gaming.

    • They would be roughly the same. Graphics appeal to large range of hardware at the moment and tbh the budgets would become infeasible on games with this much detail at the moment especially on a small platform like the PC.

      I dont think people reaslise that another generation of consoles or harware would just have publishers making very safe games at high budgets. they simply can not affort to try new things at the cost at which games cost to make these days.

      • All I want (and all the next generation is probably going to be) is for consoles to be able to look exactly like they do now, but with 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. No additional effort or budget required from developers at all. In fact the opposite is true, the higher specs will mean they don’t have to work as hard to get the most out of our current hardware limitations.

    • They would be at the same level as PC currently is.

      Consoles aren’t holding back technology. The tech side of things is still advancing. The only difference is that it’s not being utilized for gaming because the majority of people dont have the tech.

  • “Also of note is that, despite being a tech demo, it’s not a dungeon or starship. Which is nice.” Haha, nice!

  • “a demo of PC raytracing tech running on an i7 and Radeon 5870” … which is still laughably better than the ‘next gen’ consoles.

  • That tech demo looks brilliant. I can only see one fault with it: When the camera tries to focus on that glass clock at 0:50, the background around it is blurred out due to being out of focus, yet it looks crisp when viewed through the transparent clock face. It seems like the rays are being cast through the glass clock, then whatever pixels the ray hits behind it are simply being painted onto the surface of the clock.

    Ray tracing looks amazing, but it comes at too much of a performance hit for games, I doubt it’ll be used for that purpose for a long time yet.

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