This Is Running On A PlayStation 4 In Real Time, According To Epic

You may have seen this graphics demo before. It shows off the Unreal Engine 4, the next-gen graphics tech from the company behind Gears of War, Infinity Blade and the graphics engine that runs a lot of modern PC and console games. But if you saw it before, you saw it running on a PC. Now you can see it running on Sony's next console.

This is Epic's UE4 "Elemental" demo.

Last time we saw it? Back in May 2012? It was running on a PC powered by an Nvidia GeForce GTX 680. Now it's running either on or at least to the specs of a PlayStation 4. In real time, according to Epic.

If you'd like to compare, here's the same demo, sans ice giant, running last year on that PC with that Nvidia card:


    Honestly i'm not seeing what is so impressive by this, companys are always lying when they say in real time blah blah blah. Just look back at all the ps3 stuff before its launch, it never happened.

    While as good as this video looked in some parts, others also looked rather horrid by comparison, the lighting effects inside that cave were horrid and actually fuzzy (when moving to the giant still in stone, making it look very very pre rendered), there was noticeable texture pop ins when that hammer struck the ice.

    I'll believe this when i see it in a real game, in real time and not a moment sooner.

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      You do realise that Youtube videos run at only 30fps and contain compression artifacts?!

      When you see games running at 1080p @ 60hz on your PS4/Xbox720, be careful not to crack your face if you allow yourself to smile.

        That's the point hyper, this ISNT RUNNING ON A PS4. The machine doesn't even exist yet.

        How many times before a new console has come out have we seen bullshit pre rendered CGI shorts or
        "look at this super awesome realistic face, that is only possible when there is no background operating system or any task running except this face"
        "it contains all real footage i swear ".

        The answer is every single time. They always come out and say it is running in real time, there is no way its pre rendered, this will be the new standard. (crosses finger behind their backs)

        Then the console comes out it ends up nothing like it.

        My point was and still is, i will be impressed when i actually see this kind of footage in my games while i'm actually playing them. Which will probably never happen, because these kinds of demos are always faked, "touched up" or a blatant misrepresentation of the next gen capabilities (like those face demos).

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          The PS4 does exist you idiot - it releasing in about 7 months. It has been in development since 2007/2008.

          These are not Pre-Renders. These are Real-Time tech demos. Real-Time means the code is being processed and generated on the Hardware. Pre-Render is not needed anymore.

            I'm still baffled, daily, at how people can actually type out words and yet still be so unequivocally stupid. Sorry but the school system has failed you, you clearly never learned English or any form of reading comprehension and as such don't have the brain power to understand such a simple point...

            This demo was not running on a PS4, it was running on a PC with the rough specs of the finalised PS4 Guts, these types of videos come out all the time before a console launch. The games never look even close to said videos. So I will believe it when i see it in an actual game.

            I would also state that this version is significantly less impressive than the original, lower textures res lighting effects all around.

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              You do realise that Youtube videos run at only 30fps and contain compression artifacts?!

              Kingpotato... Such a fitting name for someone who clearly has the intellect of a freaking potato.

              So what if its not running on an actual PS4? Companies like EPIC would pretty much have the final specs for the PS4 at this stage, considering the release is in under 7 months. Furthermore, EPIC has very likely been kept up to date on the specs from close to the beginning of development, seeing as how important it is that EPIC's engines run smoothly on these machines. So its not a stretch of the imagination, nay not even a stretch of some basic logic and simple reasoning, to suggest that whatever rig they are running that demo on has specs that are EXTREMELY close if not identical to the PS4's final specs. But you can sure as hell bet that they are better than a 'rough' guess at this stage.

              And again, you are blatantly ignoring one of hyperthx's most important points, the quality of youtube videos. If you want to at least appear credible, you should address that in your next argument.

              So before you jump into a tirade and insult the guy, how about you think a little about what you're actually about to say.

                Youtube has no bearing on the quality of this video because the other pretty version is also on youtube which means both have the alleged massive drop in quality you keep crying about like a sookie lala. This is something so ridiculously obvious i didn't think it needed to be brought up but apparently your even less intelligent than i gave you credit for.

                The problem still remains this is not running on a Ps4, this is a problem because PC's have complex operating systems which use resources. So they need to have more power to get the same oomph as a console. So it does not have the exact same components as the PS4.
                Not only this, no tech demo that has been shown running on a PC "with the power of an alleged console" has ever been a realistic version of what consumers will see in games. They are always pre rendered versions of a SIMILAR video running in real time. This is so they can touch it up and make it look significantly prettier than it did originally.

                Then to make it worse, this "Alleged" console version pales in a DIRECT COMPARISON to the original pc clip. It has lower Textures, resolution and is missing the new lighting system amongst other things.

                I'm so sick of mental invalid Kotaku readers coming and arguing such nonsense. IF you would go over to Polygon and see the same video, you would see they have people with some intellect. These people can also see the rather glaring differences between the 2 versions and realise what that means. So please learn what on earth you are talking about before you go into fan boy rage with tunnel vision just because you disagree with the facts.

      So I take it you have a better engine you've developed up your sleeve?

        Hahahahaaaaaa! A knighthood, please, for Uncle Freeze! :)

    Little more framey than the PC demo last year but still pretty neat.

    Before the first person jumps on to say something like "meh, I expected more" or "my PC is already better than that", I'd just like to say I thought it looked amazing and I'm really impressed. Rock on and happy Easter, everyone!

      Exactly. Sure my pc can do this but it cost more than twice what a PS4 is likely to cost. I am really looking forward to the PS4 and seeing what it can bring us in the future.

        That's the point, really. If you spent $1000 on a GTX 690 and it couldn't render at this fidelity our computer monitors would be covered in Weet-Bix :P

        Thats a good point Andy..... and this is not a troll post.... just some healthy discussion.... but with your point about the pc needed to run this..... a couple of points.... firstly a pc can already run this.... not a console which has not yet been released....... and as for the price point..... by the time the ps4 or next xbox come out..... the cost of said pc will be markably cheaper due to new and improved pc parts being released between now and then.... so the cost difference will not be as large.

        but i do agree.... it is pretty exciting to see what the next gen of consoles will be capable of

          Mass Production allows Corporations such as MS and Sony to pretty much "pre-purchase" custom Hardware needed for state-of-the-art-consoles.

          With a PC, you are paying the premium to access the Custom Hardware yourself. You, personally, do the work and pay the cost, of building your own rig.

          DVD players wouldn't have become so popular if your Granny had to build it herself :P

    Looks like I was too late... Oh well, at least I tried!

      Better late than never :P

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    It's great that, finally, this level of fidelity will be the standard bar of quality, for mainstream consumption (sorry, I don't like using such words either...).

    And this is 1st-gen Next-gen!

    Well anyway being on PS4 or not we know the graphics will be good enough. I would rather see game play footage in action like watch dog for example to see how fluid games are gonna be and what type of "next gen" (if there is such thing) elements they will bring in. I would like to see that share function button in action to see what its all about.

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