The Last Of Us' Newest, Crankiest Survivor

Today at Comic-Con 2012, Naughty Dog revealed a new character that protagonists Joel and Ellie meet during their journey in the upcoming PS3 exclusive. Played by actor W Earl Brown, Bill seems to share a troubled history with playable character Joel and actually comes to blows with the other partner in Naughty Dog's survival action game. The clip highlights just how desperate everyone is in the ruined world where The Last of Us happens. Me? I'm just desperate to play it.


    Why dont you link this video instead. Its a direct feed!

    There is the official clip of this in HD on YouTube.
    Nether the less, still an epic looking game.

    Its basically I Am Alive..

      but not broken and poorly designed

    I can see this HD version two posts down from this article.

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