This Aussie Made Rugby League Game Actually Looks Really Good...

When games are developed for Australian-specific sports, like AFL or Rugby League, I always sort of expect there to be a drop in quality compared to the big EA releases like FIFA or Madden — but you know what? Rugby League Live 2 actually looks really, really good.

I'm barely a fan of Rugby League (go The Eels... I guess) but it seems that, this generation, fans of sports like AFL, Cricket and Rugby League haven't been served as well as they have in previous generations. And this game is a homegrown one, so I'm very impressed with how well it's all come together.

The game is set for a 2012 release. More specifics as we get them.


    Interesting that it will be out this year, does that mean it will be out in the next two months or they are going to release it at Chrismtas when nobody gives two shits about Rubgy League?
    You would think you'd hold it back and release it about April next year.

    It does look much better than these games have previously though, hopefully there's a button where you can punch Chris Sandow in the face.

      Agree Punching Chris Sandow would be fun infact they should have a ingame thing were you can get into fights I guess they dont cause it would "corrupt" kids

    It does look good, but I think they're playing a bit fast and loose with some of the adjectives in that video. "UNIQUE Mud & Sweat"? "SPECTACULAR High Ball Catching"? Really?

      That's the publisher not knowing two shits about their target audience.

    It's about time that the greatest game of all got a great 3D game!

    I'm only slightly trolling here.

      Must be a troll on the part about 'greatest game of all' as it's not an AFL video game.

    Two commentators will be good.
    I kind of got sick of hearing about THE HOOKER every time my custom player went on a dummy half run.

      You do know the two commentators are Voss (shutters) and Gould (the so-called 'expert')?

    Cant wait, it will be the first time NSW has won State of Origin in years.

    It LOOKS good, but AFL Live looked good prior to release, too.

      and then PLAYED good after release ;p

    I haven't played a Rugby League game since that awful game on the original Xbox that Sidhe developed. It remains the only game I actually took back to the store for an exchange within the first week of owning it, and that's saying something. Such a buggy, glitchy mess.

    Hopefully this one is more polished. It's looking pretty good from that, but the trailer didn't show much actual gameplay footage, so I'm remaining skeptical for now.

      Well you really missed out on the 2nd game, which was fantastic.

        Hear hear, sank so many hours in to RL2.. brilliant game. I was expecting so much more out of the last iteration of it, but they really screwed that game up across platforms. This better be really good. I'd put a few coin on them making sure they've a very good product before release this time.

    Honestly, that was a very good trailer. It showed us what it was trying to do with the game, it wasn't overly cluttered and though a short gameplay segment might have been nice, the footage might have been from in-game replay sections. The music wasn't intrusive and it was kind enough to tell us what it was and the trailer itself wasn't obnoxiously long. +1

    To the game itself, I won't be buying it as I am not a rugby fan, the run animations could use a bit of work, the pixel players seem to have a slightly disjointed running gait but I suppose the same could be said of a lot of ball sport simulations.

    Can't wait for this one, hope there's some kind of franchise/club manager mode to allow player trades

    Sure it looks great ... But how does it play ... and it is AI actually smart?

    Back when the first game came out (2003) ... You only had to pass the ball two wide and run the length of the field to get a try

      On what difficulty was that? LOL~

    I didn't see any titans. confirmed for worse game
    Of the year

    No PC? I actually liked the first Rugby League game Tru-Blu did. The second one was crap. This one looks nice but unless it's on PC, I won't get to play it.

      - Playstation3, Xbox360, PC on there website so i might be coming to pc

    Looks great but then the last one was woeful it's pretty clear that most of the things that were wrong are going to carry into this. The amount of intercept passes and... come to think of it, all the passing was pathetic. If this is fixed and you can occasionally make a tackle or two then it should be good.

      Rugby League Live was worse than woeful. I'm not holding out high hopes for this.

    Its by Bigant Studios...they don't really know what they are doing. This is all glitz and glamour. The first one sucked and they havent learnt how to make a good game yet.

      RLL1 was shit, yep. AFLL reviewed badly for modes (no francise mode) and graphics, but actually reviewed really, really well for the depth of gameplay. RLL2 has franchise mode and graphics, so as long as they've got the same gameplay/design people that did AFLL, then we'll be golden.

    All they need is Jonah Lomu to show up and the game would be awesome.

      That would be like Harry Kewell fronting a tennis game.

    ropey animation and unwieldly movement of character models. looks crap. also, why is the grass flat? so much for mud..

    I'd rather hit up my sega than play that

      ET's Rugby League still remains the best RL game to date. Lets hooe this new one can finally beat it!'s_Rugby_League

    LMAO. Anyone thinking RLL when they come to judge this game is going to look stupid.

    RL1 was shit. RL2 was awesome RLL1 was shit so hopefully this game follows the trend and is AWESOME, it looks great and sounds great so hopefully the gameplay is good, and hopefully we can select our own origin squads, it has franchise mode so it should have some depth , a MYPLAYER mode would be good, and when is rabs gunna commentate on a nrl game , that would be fully awesome and fully legit

    All you doubters are crabs it's gonna be awesome like every other rugby league game true fans don't mind what it's like as long as they've got it so just Play the game and love it

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