Rugby League Comes To PS3, Xbox 360 This September

Rugby League Comes To PS3, Xbox 360 This September

Rugby League Comes To PS3, Xbox 360 This SeptemberWhen Rugby League came to Wii earlier this year, all you guys wanted to know was when it would come to 360 and PS3. Well, you can now stop asking.

Publisher HES has announced Rugby League Live for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the first Rugby League game for both consoles. It’ll be released on September 2 in Australia, New Zealand, France and the UK.

Development duties are with Melbourne’s Big Ant Studios, who are also still hard at work on a yet-to-be-unveiled AFL game. New Zealand’s Sidhe Interactive developed Rugby League on Wii, so presumably we’re not looking at an HD port here.

“Rugby League Live brings all the hard hitting action and excitement of the greatest game of all to your lounge room”, says David Robles, Business Development Manager for HES. “The demand for a Rugby League game on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 has been staggering. We have listened to our fans and we are delighted to make this announcement.”

Notably, Rugby League Live is apparently the first rugby league game to feature online multiplayer. According to the HES press release, other features include:

* 40+ licensed teams from competitions such as the NRL, Super League, State of Origin, City v Country, and World Cup

* 30+ realistic stadia from around the world

* Four-player multiplayer

* “Bone crunching” tackles and impact camera replays

* Field and uniform degradation

* Create your own players, teams and competitions

* Multiple replay angles and commentary by Andrew Voss

* Join friends for head to head & co-operative online play via PlayStation Network, and Xbox LIVE

You can see the very first screenshots below. Bearing in mind that HES and Big Ant are working on a fraction of the budget of, say, EA Sports titles like FIFA and Madden, it looks… OK? I guess?

Rugby League fans, what do you think?

Rugby League Comes To PS3, Xbox 360 This September
Rugby League Comes To PS3, Xbox 360 This September
Rugby League Comes To PS3, Xbox 360 This September
Rugby League Comes To PS3, Xbox 360 This September
Rugby League Comes To PS3, Xbox 360 This September
Rugby League Comes To PS3, Xbox 360 This September
Rugby League Comes To PS3, Xbox 360 This September


    • We’ll your spot on there.

      All wer missing now is a AFL game full of wayne careys, gary abblett snrs, stephen milnes, andrew lovetts list goes on…

      wait…..can you even tackle in AFL now?
      or has it turned into kick and giggle.

  • Heres something i don’t understand – i love American Football, but i can’t stand Rugby… it just looks to me like a bunch of swollen blokes making funny faces when they run into each other…

    *shrugs* guess i just never got into it…

    Personally i think the graphics from those screens look fairly aged, though, as you said it is on a much smaller budget than other sports titles.

    Besides, regardless of graphics, i’m sure it will sell well amongst rugby fans no matter the problems. It’s been a while since they have had something like this so i’m sure they’ll make concessions purely for the love of the game..

    …i wonder if the game comes with a “salary cap violation” toggle…

    • Well personally I never liked American Football… just looks like a bunch of toy soldiers with all that padding and they spend half the time in commercials :S . It’s the football equivalent to cricket; lots of deep tactics, but about as entertaining as watching paint dry for 90% of most matches.

      As for Rugby, you do realise that there are 2 types of Rugby right? This is Rugby League, which actually looks a little more like American Football in its structuring (no contest for the ball really – just a set number of “downs”). Rugby Union is a totally different sport (a real international presence, 2 more players on the pitch for each team and rules based around the contest for possession). Rugby League is largely confined to Australia and Northern England, so this game will have a rather small budget. Still though, it will serve as a stepping stone for future titles.

    • are u serious? hahaha american footballs retarded. the players r too scared to get injured to they wear helmets and stupidly overcompensating shoulderpads. REAL men who play rugby dont need protective gear to play because their not pussies….. 1 other thing, you say they look like they just run into eachother and make funny faces. why dont you see an actual game and notice how much skill and agility is required to avoid your opponent and get a try. ive seen a live game when i went to america and its idiotic coz their all yelling and grunting when they get hit. doesnt happen in rugby. also rugby is a worldwide sport, played in many different formats. and well american football……need i say more? sorry but rugby shits all over american football

  • I dream of a day where there is as much love and attention that goes into the many soccer games directed towards and AFL game. I know this day will never come but I can hope.

    Leauge you have a much better chance at getting a decent game.

    • You do realise that most AU game company gets about 1/10th of FIFA budget right? You simply can NOT put that much detail in without getting paid accordingly. You can dream but unless publishers deem us worthy of $$$$$ then that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.

    • You sure about that? AFL has a much bigger fanbase and a LOT more money in it. The NRL is really starting to struggle in a lot of areas. Look at Folau being paid $1 million to play AFL. NRL can’t compete with that

      • Michael Winters you are havin’ a laff.

        AFL is only popular in Australia.

        21 Million people.

        RUGBY LEAGUE, both NRL and Super League are popular in the North of England:

        25 million people

        New Zealand:

        4 Million


        21 Million

        This gives Rugby League more than double the target audience. Don’t get me wrong, AFL is a decent sport. But it just can’t compete with Rugby League in a broader sense.

          • Remember that one of the biggest events in ARL is State of Origin, which can’t even beat Masterchef in the ratings. A damned cooking show. The AFL grand final is the biggest rating event on TV. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a league boy through and through (Go the Titans). Just have to face that there is WAY to many AFL fans out there

          • Well you don’t have to look in your own backyard to find the reasons as to why masterchief is a lot more popular in ratings!

            State Of Origin is on 3x a year.
            As for Masterchef it is a episode based television program.

            Hrmm..I would have to disagree as for the last three NRL grandfinals more Australians have tuned into watch it then there counterparts (AFL)

            Gotta read the facts before making false statements.

          • Hey Im a Kiwi and I cear about league along with most of the country. Not many play but a lot support it.

        • err, NRL only has australian and new zealand teams right? then why do people in england follow it, its like they have nothing to follow. NRL the stadiums are pretty damn small and not very packed. AFL has way bigger crowds and stadiums. and i dont think it is very fair comparing NRL, using england and new zealand as well as australia, with AFL when it is clearly an australian sport. if you compared supporters for both sports with just australians, AFL, with no doubt, have way more supporters than NRL.
          and Big Ant is making an AFL game as well which seems to be taking longer, for release date and game info to come out, than rugby has, so im guessing they are putting more time into because they think it will sell more.

          • OMG are you really that dumb? The NRL isn’t the only Rugby League competition derp. England have the Super League. Maybe that is why they follow it…. Dumb ass

  • Here is the big question:

    Will players be able to leave this rugby league game in order to join the AFL game when it is released?

    Or will the game be unrealistic and have players stick to their own code?

    • I think what you mean to say is,

      Will you be able to completely ignore any and all salary cap regulations, and then still be able to affect the competition by stopping other ‘legal’ sides from gaining points and/or injuring players thus preventing them from playing against legitimate teams? AND will players who obviously had some suspicion about the said breaches, still be allowed to play representative football for both their State and National sides, even captaining them on occasion?

      I wont even touch the latest chapter in the Joey Johns saga.

  • What’s with the pasty finish?

    Anyway, how are the physics handled? Are the tackles dynamic, and are there interchangeable strategies?

  • It’s not going to win any awards for Graphics, or even game play, you just can’t expect that with the small budget the developer has. Let’s just hope it is a decent game. Rugby League 3 on the Wii isn’t a bad game, it’s decent. I just want decent enough graphics that you can recognise most of the big name players, some decent game play, and hopefully some cool presentation to get the feeling of a TV style broadcast. Hopefully Vossy has been given enough lines of commentary that it doesn’t get too repetitive too soon.

    As long as I can re-create the last 5 years of State of Origin (QUEENSLANDER!) I will be more than happy 🙂

  • I agree, looks dated but again we all understand the size of the Aussie market and the potential payoff/profit from this title is reduced. Given that they are releasing it outside of Australia then perhaps this will lead to increased market size which will result in greater profits which would perhaps lead to improved game quality.

    It would be good, after looking at what Natural motion have done with Backbreaker to see this type of tech used on other sports and football would be great… Some one get on the phone with em and organise this for me would ya? Im kinda busy.

    • i love NRL2 i still play it to this day so number 3 is going to rock and haveing online play im sold

      ( i just hope the online play is better then number 2)

  • I’ll probably pick it up, but where is the news about AFL 2010? It was announced and since then there’s been deafening silence.

    • Nah, they’ve been making Soccer games for years and they never seem to manage to incorporate the drug abuse and sexual assault feature into the premier league, and they completely missed the mark by failing to incorporate mafia links and match fixing for the Italian comps.

  • As long as the core gameplay is good, I really couldnt give too hoots about the graphics, as long as their functional I will be buying this game….mmmm now to decide between either a PS3 or XBOX version…

  • The graphics might look dated, but still better then the Wii. Hopefully the gameplay is better. If enough people buyeth it, then the next one will be even betterer.

  • This game looks terrible. Don’t bother making a Rugby League game unless your going to make it right. Just look at the graphics, they are shocking. I don’t care if EA have more money, they make more money by having better graphics and a better game. If you only invest a small amount than you will have small returns both financially and in the quality of the game.

  • just make the gameplay good PLEASE!!! Wii & previous versions r really below par. Players not being a able 2 move freely, players not running onto the ball, pass button too slow to respond, i can go on!
    just model it off the old Rugby gameplay off EA. PERFECT! can set defensive lines on the fly,set attacking plays, easy offloads, players ran freely & easy to manoover. Having their legs running the same way while moving different direction is a joke!
    just copy Rugby 05, swap the player names & jerseys & make only 6 rucks available.


  • EA Sports Rugby game has outstanding game play…the best of any league/union game….I just hope Rugby League 3 will get close to what EA Sports has done. Somehow I doubt it.

  • No offence to the developers etc…

    I appreciate the budget limits…

    But hasn’t anyone noticed the price point this is selling at? $108!!

    For that premium price – I want a premium title…not something that looks ported straight from RL2 or the bloody Wii…

    and certainly not something that has been done on a budget…

    Small development – small price…no way I’m purchasing this at that price…sorry!

  • Lets’ face it. This game looks incredibale for the budget they are dealing with; the graphics may not be ‘superb’ and may look like last gen game consoles, vut the gameplay looks astonashing, with online multiplayer, almost like FIFA Pro and the actual movement seems to be well suited. Its’ the first game on new gen consoles, and even if this is not the best, surely when it makes a impact on he market, for such a poor game, graphically then the likes of EA will be motivated to create an astonashingly good game, all round. But lets not forget this game looks absolutely BRILLIANT!

  • well well well…

    Im pretty sure more people will buy this game than people buy the afl game…

    lets face it afl is a game ONLY played in Aus and pretty much ONLY followed in Melbourne…

    rugby league on the other hand is played WORLD WIDE..


    I wonder which will sell more copies????
    Rugby league is the greatest game of all a game where MEN play not little boys…

  • Cut complaing about the game. At least we got one on PS3 and Xbox 360 finally. Its a rip off but its worth getting as theres nothing else on the market.
    By the way AFL sucks and the Warriors Rule.

  • Most of u have no idea. The state of origin gets the highest ratings for a single tv event. More than both the NRL(not ARL) and AFL grand finals. More so tv ratings for nrl games are on average twice as high as afl games, but more ppl attend afl games. Last yr the preliminary fiinal between the bulldogs and eels got heaps better ratings then the afl grand final. To even suggest the Afl is close to nrl in tv ratings is just silly. Also other parts of the world play league, they will not make an afl game.

    • Your wrong about NRL ratings, so wrong your comment is just plain laughable, NRL does not beat AFL in anything…MORE people go to AFL games and MORE people watch AFL games. I like both NRL and AFL (go the knights) but the NRL is just plain lying if they think their ratings are better, it’s just not true, AFL is bigger in melbourne than the NRL is in sydney, i’ve lived in both cities so i know the hype on the street is very different. A good example is that the new AFL team in sydney in it’s debut season has about the same size crowds as NRL teams that have been there for 100 years and they have more members already in one season than most NRL clubs. All this says to me is that AFL is more popular, whether we like it or not!

  • I think the NRL has heaps more fans, even just in Australia. If u combined tv ratings and crowd attendance figures over a season the nil smash them, wouldn’t even be a competition. Because tv figures are so much higher than a crowd attendance. AFL gets more to the games simply becaus they r on a more convenient times, the NRL schedule is based around their TV deal and controlled by channel 9. Honestly, who wants to go to a game at 7pm Monday night wen they cld watch it in the comfort of their home.. NRL is the greatest game of all, and it’s only a matter of time before the whole world starts to realise it. Can’t wait for this game. It would be cool if they made it 26 player online and host matches each week where everyone can be a single player for the match, and work properly as a team, could put on the mad plays 🙂

  • Lol i went to EB games and ordered it for $110 so i hope it will be the best game ever as they said.So good luck.

  • How can you go to all the effort of producing a sporting game like this and not have a season or manager mode in it??????? Rubbish without that aspect!!!!!!

  • why can rugby league body who makes these games pay EA games to make a rugby league game to the standard of fifa, madden etc?
    would make a heap of money off it here in aus

  • League is all good but what about the rugby? The World cup rugby final is broadcast around the world and rates in the 5 most watched sporting events around the world.

    I’m not knocking league but if they don’t want to make a rugby game because they don’t think theres profit in it, their dreaming.

  • Hate union but ‘Jonah Lomu’ was the best Rugby game ever made & i played them all, since then they have only gone backwards, why couldnt they use the Jonah Lomu engine and make Rugby league 3.

  • Well I personally dont care for what the graphics look like, they are much better than rugby league 2 and i still love that game haha. I think anyone that likes playing or watching league will be keen to get this game, who cares about the fanbases? =D

  • $88 at big w this wednesday !

    well if they know that they cant compete with fifa/ea graphics should they of made an old skool looking (e.g. jonah lomu) game??? make it a really polished game and take out the flat background stadiums and weird looking players …. i.e. nba jam – it was FUN ! which is what a game should be right ???

  • The graphics are very good and very cool but you never know maybe the graphics good but the game’s piece of crap. i’m not against the game i’m for the game.THANK U

  • just been playing this. hate to say it, but this is THE WORST GAME EVER! definitely should not be ps3, graphics, the controls, everything, all pitiful.

  • i like the new rugby league game rugby league live but to be honest rugby league world cup edition on the ps2 is better

  • its a rip off, three things, (#1)the game flow is crap, if you get a break away and you want to pass the ball, the whole team stops running “what tha?” (#2) you get a 2sec, replay so if you do something 5sec prior to a try ie: dummy pass into a short ball pass, its gone forever you’ll never see it again, mainly because of problem (#1)you’ll be lucky to repeat that pass again (#3) the commentary, are you kidding me?? there is however good pionts to the game, its one step better than the 80ties rugby game Jonah Lomu rugby,it has tried to create some sort of set play format, pitty the set play was just a skip pass? (what tha f*#ck?)all and all very disapointed both with the game the fact that the makers would shamelessly charge $100Aus for it (how much is Jonah Lomu rugby game these days?) the comment left by “Griff” hit the nail on the head, give this game to EA sports so they can make a proper rugby league game, did the makers of this game even look at a rugby league game?

  • When will this rugby game be released in South Africa? I would love to play this game on my PS3. Please let me know when it would be released in South Africa.

  • Rugby league live is not that good it needs franchise mode so bring out rugby league 4 or live 2 on ps3 and xbox360.

  • What a joke, No season mode, no Toyota an Qld cup, old graphics, ANdrew voss(I’m shaw rabs isn’t that busy)
    Ps voss your a Gronk!
    Game play can only get better cause let’s face it the old games ate nothing special an we all dream of EA to jump in an push theses toys aside..
    Small company, small budget?
    Mate put the effort an money In an it will all return..,
    This is last rugbyL game I’m buying until Ea take over..

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