Rugby League Live Trailer Brings The Big Hits

But not the biff. The launch trailer for the first PS3 and Xbox 360 Rugby League game is all about going in hard but keeping it clean.

League fans only have a short time to wait now, as Rugby League Live releases next Thursday, September 2, on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Are you impressed by what you've seen?


    i wonder if there'll be a gang-bang mini game

      Yeah, that's Coop mode.

      It's along side the following:
      'Glass Ya Missus'.
      Urinate on a mans leg at the bar.
      Sexual Assault a Handicapped Girl.

      NRL is for Bogan morons. I forgot 'get drunk and make an arse of yourself at an awards show' wait that is AFL 2010.

    This looks terrible.
    It looks like a game that is just there to cash in from all the people wanting a league game.

    If you look at all the players who aren't involved in the play, they are all doing the same thing. It just looks lifeless and lazy.

    Dilbert. That's very harsh and not even funny.

    Looks exactlly like the Wii version

    Doesn't look very good, tackles are too big (looks like backbreaker) and it looks really fast.

    Got me worried about the AFL game that the same developers are currently making.

    looks ok to me, but we will see when it hits the stores.

    i just hope if you make a break and get takled you dont have to wait for the opposition to get on side like the other games that annoys the hell out of me

    I've always wanted EA to develop a rugby league game. Rugby 2000 was steaks ahead of Stacey Jones RL and SJRL was released a few years later. EA has the best sporting graphics and need to take the rugby league games to the next level. Let Tru Blu or whoever make the AFL game, it sucks anyway. All this aside I can't wait to get this game. Released in NZ 1st!! woo hoo!! KNIGHTS

    i think the graphics look ok... surely not as bad as some are makin it out to be.. im a little puzzled but as to way they made this for online, did they do any market research? australia doesn't have a healty online ps3 population (dont know about xbox) theres much bigger games that i have just waited for others to join my server. but almost every game i have to settle for laggy american servers... so what makes them think "Hey lets focus on online and take out franchise mode" i would love to play online but with a game 10% of the average budget, poor online population, probly sell bad and a overpriced game i really wouldn't hold your breath waiting for some1 2 join

      That's why it is handy to have actual friends.

    the graphics are terrible and the players dont look anything like the real player i will think twice before buying this game.

    What the hell is wrong with the people who make these rugbyleague games.I think they must be soccer players or complete idiots, after 5 attempts they still have no backline`s the stupidest shit ive ever seen.i`ve followed & played the game and never ever seen a backline like what`s in this game...for fuck sake go to a real game a see ....all the rugby union games have had a sweeping backline movements for years,why the hell can`t you people get it seems nobody played this bag of crap before release,if they did they should be sacked..glad i got it cheap or i`d be pissed right off....get your shit together.....

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