This Might Be The First Look At A New Monster Hunter On The Vita. It Might Not

Let's face: the minute Capcom releases a new Monster Hunter game on the PS Vita, Sony will sell a bajillion PS Vita units. But now, Nintendo has locked up Monster Hunter 4, so tough crap? These mysterious screens hint at the possibility of a new Monster Hunter game in the Vita's future. Or do they?

These images appeared on a Chinese bulletin board. And like most things that pop up on bulletin boards, let's use some caution!

Online in Japan, people seem unsure if this is Monster Hunter for the PS Vita, a Vita version of China's Monster Hunter rip-off Hunter Blade, or simply a clever prank. Whatever it is, it sure looks nice on that Vita!

[业界] [流言]腾讯自主开发MHF?PSV版MH? [a9VG via トー速]


    Well that certainly would be reason for me to get a vita, I'm kinda hoping that it isn't though. I'd much prefer it on the ps3, Online like tri would be fantastic especially with the graphical power of the ps3, it would look very nice

      The graphical power of the Vita's impressive as well, and I'd much rather take it on the go myself. I definitely agree that more console MH games are in order, I'm kinda shocked they're keeping it to the weaker handhelds and not putting it elsewhere- at least overseas. Freedom Unite looks pretty bad, even on the Vita's sexy OLED screen and with graphical smoothing and stuff. Monster Hunter 4 in the USA is in order, preferably on the handheld that I didn't refund as soon as it gave me major headaches.

    Wasnt this confirmed as a fake?

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