This Truly Is The Box Solid Snake Belongs In

It's almost like a Wheel of Fortune-style before-and-after. "Solid Snake in a box" + "a box full of kittens" = "Solid Snake in a box full of kittens!"

The artists, Becky & Frank of webcomic Tiny Kitten Teeth, painted this particular rendition of Solid Snake ("in his natural habitat," they explain) for artist Olly Moss, at San Diego Comic Con.

Today has been rough. We should all take a moment to bask in the joy that is Metal Kitten Solid.

A painting I did of a Mr Solid Snake in his natural habitat []


    Thats not solid snake it's big boss...... and he's probably gonna eat those cats

    Don't make a snake and pussy joke... don't make a snake in the box joke... you can do it Damian...

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