Is This The Real Solid Snake (Or Old Snake)?

realsnake.jpgYou decide! Gameplayer believes there's more than a passing resemblance. It even went to the effort of doing one of those frame-by-frame morph things in Photoshop.

Where is this Snake look-a-like from? Let's read the post:

I have a brother and he got married recently, so I was at the wedding and there were lots of family members about, some of which I had not seen for years. One man in particular caught my attention. An uncle of mine that had aged considerably since I last saw him - maybe more than ten years prior. I looked at him and thought "I recognise that face and not just as the face of my aged uncle". Then it dawned on me and I found myself thinking "Snake....... Solid Snake?......Snake....What happened............. Snake............ SSNNNAAAAAKE!"

I doubt Kojima went to the effort of travelling to Australia to find the perfect look for Old Snake - I imagine elderly men with mean moustaches are a dime a dozen in Japan. If anything, this guy's uncle is probably a closet Metal Gear Solid 4 fan.

On another note - I wonder if David Hayter can do an Aussie accent...

Real-life Solid Snake discovered [Gameplayer]


    How can that be possible his got the exact same rinkles, stuble bone structure, mo colour, pimples, nose, smile, eyes and each hair on his head is excactly the same except a bit longer on top for old snake.
    Its him!!!
    your not going crazy.
    or am i?

    This is probably how the conversation went down after he recognised him.

    Uncle: Hey look, your all grown up now!
    Kid: Uhh, do you mind if you put on this bandana and this eyepatch on?
    Uncle: whaa?...

    His Nose is a little off but other than that hes a dead ringer lol

    Look up Revolver Ocelot on google image search. One of the pictures that will either be on page 1, 2, or 3, is my friend's father.

    He's perfect for Liquid Ocelot. I shit you not.

    His nose and chin are a bit off, but other than that he looks very similar to me.

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