Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater Is Jumbo Sized

Metal Gear Solid 3D is so big that the game needs specially made 4GB cartridges, created just for it.


    Care to attach a video to your article, Brian?

    You need to hire a proofreader. Your articles are slapdash.

      Wait... was this one liner an article?

      AN ARTICLE?!

      One line isn't an article, Brian. It's a sentence.

    Isn't my family just special? :)

    am i suppossed to take you're word for it? is there any proof for it? although its DOES make prefect sense by all means lol


    4gb? Is that all? Thought the 3ds cartridges were around 8gb size at least... 4gb seems kinda puny...

    Isn't Brian one of the American Kotaku writers?

    It would explain a lot.


      Yes. Yes he is. He's the one who lives in Japan and writes about Japanese Culture (read: anime, anime porn, and whatnot)

      I switched to the Austrailian Kotaku for many reasons... 'Bashcraft' may or may not have been one of those reasons ;-P

    I really cannot wait for the day that KotakAU eats the US site and we're left with articles that are coherent and more than one or two lines.

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