Ubisoft's uPlay Down For Everyone, Not Just You

Ubisoft's uPlay, the online service largely used for validating the digital rights management on PC games, has been down for much of the day. If this is planned maintenance, Ubisoft didn't do a great job of communicating that to its users, who are ripping the publisher a new one on its official forums.

Users have complained that they are unable to log in to the uPlay PC client, but they still are able to reset their passwords. One user posted the trouble ticket he opened about the outage, and the reply included a link to instructions for deleting one's account.

This is an especially unfortunate time for such an outage as it occurs in the middle of the Steam Summer Sale. A lot of the forum anger comes from people who picked up a new copy of a game today and simply cannot play it. Some are offering workarounds to boot the game in offline mode, but most are venting their understandable displeasure.

If this is maintenance as opposed to an attack or other cause of the downtime, there's no estimate of when uPlay will return. I pinged an Ubisoft representative to see if we could get some answer as to what is going on.

Cannot Log Into uPlay [Ubisoft Forums]


    Epic Fail Ubisoft! ..

    .you can't play shit unless uplay can run ...even offline you need to log in at least once ...

    and more a fail they didn't inform customers the service was down -only word of mouth of customers in the forums!....25 hrs later and it's still not working ...WOW ....

    If you bother to read the last pages of that thread (25 & 26) there is a solution of sorts.

    so, if u see a game with the words "Ubisoft" on it, DON"T BUY!!!!

      =/ worst kind of logic..

      Driver: San Francisco is awesome, published by Ubisoft, uses uplay which is no big deal mostly.

        This is pretty much what I do.

        After buying the Prince of Persia games and having no issues booting I contacted their support for an answer.

        Gave as much info as I could and a dxdiag to back it up.

        A week and a half later got an email with one word 'unsupported'.

        That combined with the fact that uPlay is horrible is enough to lose interest in them.

    Yet again, paying customers are the only people affected by Ubisoft's paranoid DRM. The pirates are playing their games just fine. Ubisoft need to wake up to themselves.

      You mean like this?

    This will be interesting.

    When Diablo 3 launched, there were a lot of defenders jumping up and down about how Blizzard was "awesome, stop complaining."

    Curious to see what happens with the same subset and Ubi now.

      Yes indeed. I was playing Heroes of Might and Magic VI on the weekend and it all finally worked for me, including Conflux, another form of DRM I found since I wasn't connected to this (Since it was down) last time I played, and I somehow lost all my save files so I had to start the campaign all over again.

      As one of those defenders I can only say this... Blizzard communicated with the customers (Although it was kinda hard for them on opening day as there were estimated 6 million players) and resolved the issues as rapidly as possible.

      Ubisoft will likely have uPlay down for several days and won't actually provide any details until after they're fixed, if even then.

        oh, and I guess the other difference is when Diablo 3 servers go down, Diablo 3 is the only game affected... When Ubisoft DRM servers go down, all Ubisoft games are unplayable (And Ubisoft have a fair few more under than DRM belt than Blizzard)

        "Ubisoft Australia
        As many of you reported, there has been an outage of core Ubisoft online services. We've been informed that service has been restored. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused, and thanks to those who brought it to our attention via Twitter, Facebook and the forums.

        Rest assured, we will be asking for further details and what plans are in place to prevent this from occurring again. We'll update this post as new info comes to light."

          Where is that from, I can't find that anywhere?

            Ubisoft Australia Facebook page, as of this morning (9AM)

      I've always believed that's because Blizzard is an 'untouchable' god-tier company with gamers, they can get away with virtually anything. They could send someone over to your house to punch you in the face and you'd be thankful for it. Nintendo too.

    Meanwhile, pirates can keep playing their copies of ACR and Anno 2070 with no issues.

    I expected to be able to play ACR after buying it yesterday on sale. No such luck. After this bullshit I'm never buying a Ubisoft game again. In fact, I'll even go out of my way to ensure that nobody I know buys Ubisoft games too.

      I already don't buy Ubisoft games for this very reason. My last one was "From Dust", which I got a refund on after they lied about putting the Always Online DRM in (said they weren't going to and then changed their mind at the last second)..

      It's a shame more people who say they won't buy them actually don't buy them.. then they might get the message that their data mining methods (and you'd be naive to think that it has anything to do with anti-piracy) are a joke and insulting.

        Even though Ubisofts always online DRM has never affected me negatively in the past, I still try to avoid Ubisoft games anyway out of principle. But I snapped up the chance to get AC: Revelations for $20 yesterday, so I could get some enjoyable multiplayer in before it becomes a ghost town like Brotherhood.

        What really shat me off was while I was changing my password 5 times thinking I'd made a mistake somewhere, there was absolutely no communication to the users about any outage. At least nowhere I could find...and believe me, I was looking for an announcement of some kind, when it became apparent that it was a problem on their end. So on top of the catastrophically bad DRM, there's also a severe lack of customer support and communication!

    Here I was thinking that my account was deleted or something. Good to know my CD-Key isn't attached to some non-existent account.

    Nothing to say about this that hasn't been said before.
    Servers probably fell over from the mass of new connections thanks to the sale.

    Yup.. this is why "Always Online DRM" sucks. The tired argument that people have been persistently online for many years now is not the real issue.. the real issue is when the content/auth servers go offline, whether temporarily or permanently, and you can no longer play the game.

    >buying Ubisoft games
    Ain't never making that mistake again. Similarly to light487 my last ubisoft game was From Dust which Steam kindly refunded. Oh and I guess technically HOMM3 but that doesn't have any DRM.

    I gave ubisoft leway because of the cool features for Anno 2070 that were online only.

    Also sucks when I can't play the game...

    Yeah, I mad Ubisoft. Once again punishing legitimate users for actually paying for a product. I'm sure all the people with illegal copies of Ubisoft games had no problems having fun.

    played heroes 6 this morning went to the movies saw dark night rises got home no play at least give us paying customers the info or i will start pirating

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