Watch Darksiders II's Death Kick Gigantic Ass In This New Trailer

The new, Darksiders II map isn't the only thing that's going to be grand when THQ/Vigil Games' next hack and slash title releases next month (the map is said to be double the size of its predecessor). It's also a shared quality with the fiendish enemies you face off against. It's a wonder that the protagonist, Death, can hold his own with his comparatively tiny scythe.

There are a ton of quick cuts in this newest trailer, but I spotted a lot of visuals and enemies from the E3 demo I experienced last month.


    Looks unreal.
    Cant wait to get my hands on this :D

    The trailer with that music makes it look epic but in reality it will just be another generic action adventure game, bet that music dousn't even play during the game anyway. Maybe if when coming onto a boss fight or other things where the task seems epic in its scope if that type of music plays to emphasise it then it would still feel that epic

      Here's some music for you:

        Thank you for your masterclass in sound design, now that you've assured me I've seen everything epic that the game has to offer I'll cancel my preorder.

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