Watch Some Of The Greatest Moments In StarCraft II History

Watch Some Of The Greatest Moments In StarCraft II History

Even if you’re not an avid StarCraft II fan, you still might enjoy this montage of the competitive game’s greatest moments, all compiled from high-level tournaments in which professional StarCraft II players compete for cash and glory.

The last moment is the best, but the whole video is pretty damn great.

I made a video – SC2 Epic Moments Of All Time [Team Liquid]


  • Saw that last one at Aussie Barcraft. Crowd went crazy… Thier early mid game was pretty bad from both players though… Hence why they were both so damn teched up.

  • There’s such a thing as “Greatest moments in Starcraft 2 history”?

    Fuck me. I’d switch to reddit to read about games, but their gaming subreddit is nothing but Nintendo, Valve, DayZ and Minecraft. Screw that.

    Speaking of reddit, TIL that there are no gaming blogs/websites that suit my own personal tastes, and now I’m bitter and need to vent. Not that anyone cares but hey.

    • “There’s such a thing as “Greatest moments in Starcraft 2 history”?”

      Yes there is, but I guess if you aren’t into watching competitive pro SC2 games than you wouldn’t really care about it. It also helps to play the game yourself so you an appreciate the skill on display. Believe it or not eSports is becoming a pretty big deal around the world and SC2 is one of the main catalysts for that. There’s huge amounts of money on the line at these major tournaments.

      • I know people who watch SC matches on youtube that haven’t ever been in the same room as a machine running the game. The casters are good and the matches can be really exciting.

  • The Stephano vs Kiwikaki match from about 1:20 in the video was pretty damned amazing. That last snippet is just a fraction of the madness that goes on. Worth looking up the whole series, I think it was from IPL3. Relatively easy to find considering how popular those games were.

    • The one with Huk was brilliant, particularly the chat at the start of the next game:

      HuK:You you realize
      HuK:Most of that army
      IdrA: **** off
      HuK:was halluc
      HuK:You weren’t loss

      Huk typing like a twelve year old just makes it all the sweeter.

  • Needs game 7 DRG – MMA in the blizzard cup final. that shit was epic! glad they put kiwikaki/stephano and squirtle/MVP in, never had goosebumps watching a game like that before!

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