Who Needs Cosplay Photos When You've Got Slow-Motion Cosplay Swordfighting Videos?

Cosplay cinematographer and convention hound Angel James de Ocampo was at Japan Expo 2012 this year, a French show that's fast becoming one of the best places in the world to see people dress up as people from other stuff.

What's cool about his videos is that, instead of just taking cosplay photos, he gets to show the models actually playing the part, which in some cases is a little awkward but in others - like the swordplay you'll see in the video above - looks terrific.

There's a second video below that's got a Captain Harlock so good you'll think it's 1981 and you're inside a TV set.


    Lol the Epic Motherf*cker should cosplay as the Berserker in Borderlands 2. Seems fit.

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