Good Cosplay You Got There, Atlanta

Atlanta's MomoCon was held late last month, and there was some good cosplay on show.

Over 28,000 people went through the gates over four days, and below you'll find shots of some of the best cosplayers in attendance.

All photos by Mineralblu. Note that while I've got credit info for some cosplayers, others are missing, so if you know/are any of the cosplayers below, let me know!

Cosplay by Jalen Thomas

Cosplay by Lightheart Creations

Cosplay by Haiden Hazard

Cosplay by Riki 'Riddle' Lecotey

Cosplay by Dakota Believes


    That is some amazing cosplay, I am so close to finishing my Batman costume but until I lose another 25KG, it doesn't look too good on me, even another 10 and it will look decent. Need to start hitting the gym again.

    How to cosplay Tifa:

    1) Be attractive
    2) Buy a sports bra
    4) PROFIT!

      Neat. Wonder if my sister has any old ones she doesn't need any more, drive that budget down even further.

      Last edited 07/06/16 11:52 pm

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