World's Most Overclocked Graphics Cards Look Like A Sci-Fi Movie Set

Indonesian PC wizard Hazzan has broken the world record for...overclocking PC graphics cards.

How do you even measure such a thing? The scene uses the scores handed out by benchmark tool 3DMark 11, and Hazzan's 4-way SLI GTX 680 setup registered a score of P33190, which beat the previous mark by 39 points.

To reach the score, as you can see in the pic above, Hazzan had to do what a lot of these serious guys have to do: namely, stand over his PC with an open bottle of liquid nitrogen and keep pouring some in every few minutes so the entire rig doesn't burst into flames.

According to EXP, his entire rig reads as follows:

The platform included Core i7-3930K processor (oc'ed to 5784MHz), 8GB quad-channel GSkill DDR3 memory (oc'ed to 2480MHz), Antec High Current Pro 1300W power supply, ASUS Rampage IV Extreme mobo and ASUS GTX 680 DirectCU II graphics card,the CPU and graphics adopted liquid nitrogen cooling.

Hazzan broke the record over the weekend at the ROG Absolute Zero Extreme OC event, where some of the most insane pictures of personal computers I have ever seen were taken.

ROG Absolute Zero Extreme OC — Day 2 — Liquid Helium [Republic of Gamers]

GTX 680 4-Way SLI Smashed World Record [EXP, thanks Troublehalf!]


    Skill level: Indonesian.

    And I am Indonesian too.

    But can they run Crysis? =P

      It's too soon for that. In another decade or so we might have an overclocked PC that can manage the GPU-consuming behemoth that is Crysis. ;)

        Probably highest 1080p no aa... now if it were sli...

      I run Crysis maxed on a single gtx570. This system could run about 10+ instances of Crysis maxed no doubt.

        Ruined it.

        Zzzzz Samurai is this your first time on the internets? It's a joke!

    ^^ only on lowest graphics

    It's a common skill for Indonesian mate.

    Every Indonesian can do that ..........

    What's the blow torch for?

      Also.. how can you play a game when you have to pour liquid nitrogen in every few minutes? That'd be worse than network latency.. or graphics latency..

      Getting rid of the frozen moisture from the air, that is stuck to the bottom and sides of the flask. Similar to defrosting the freezer. That way the LN2 has optimal cooling effect.

      Liquid nitrogen boils at -196C [which is 77K above absolute zero], at this low temperature, alot of semiconductors used in microprocessors start to experience weird behaviour due to quantum effects I won't go in to.
      When the systems are running and overclocked, the heat they produce is enough to keep them above their critical temperature when the liquid nitrogen is poured in.
      When the systems are powered off, however the nitrogen and flask cool the chips down to the same temperature as the LN2. They will not boot up at this temperature. Thus, a blow torch is used to heat up the chips so the systems can be booted.

    For those interested in this kind of thing the 680s were running at 1706MHz Core / 1800MHz Mem.

    Stock clocks are 1058 / 1502 so that's a pretty massive overclock.

    It's cool (pun intended) that he broke the record and all
    But not really functional :-/

      Yes not practical, too costly and dangerous.

      Instead look at this.

    All of this just for angry birds?

    If we pour liquid nitrogen onto the blizzard servers, will they stop lagging?


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