Batman's Morgan Freeman And Catwoman Look Just As Good In A Game


    Farkin amazing, I thought these were screen caps before I read the article, specifically of Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway looks great but not quite perfect... but daaaammmnnnn Mr. Freeman.... damn

      I think your right, Anne Hathaway doesn't look quite right.

      But damn I think that rendering is hotter than the original, that sounds sad :(

    You could lean in and kiss Morgan Freeman? :)

    you sure these aren't just pics of those ultra realistic statues DK:R has?

    That Freeman work could be a photo everything is just so perfect. Unfortunately the skin on Hathaway's is just enough to give it away - it's still looks incredible though.

    Morgan looks like he's trying not to laugh. It's a great render, but they need to relax the face a bit.

    These are just renderings not in-game models. There is no way a mobile phone game developer like gameloft can do in-game models like that, not to mention that no mobile phone game looks that good.

    Anne Hathaway somehow looks way more attractive in figure form.

    That Catwoman costume looks 100x better than the one she actually wore too...

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