The Kickass Mechs, Guns And Soldiers Of A...Gameloft Artist?

Gameloft has a pretty poor reputation around these parts, much of it very richly-deserved, but that doesn't mean the mobile gaming specialists are entirely without merit.

In 2009 Gameloft founded Redsteam, a Singapore-based studio (formerly in Shanghai) that specialises in pre-production art. Its purpose is two-fold: while it creates art for Gameloft titles, it also aims to "grow in identifying, training and pushing top talents into Asia's games industry".

And Redsteam's art is great.

Despite all this Asian talk, though, the art we're showing you today actually comes from Redsteam's Stanislav Poltavsky. You can see more of his stuff at his personal site.

Click here to see another Gameloft Fine Art we ran last year.


    The mech in the title picture & one of those guns have a District 9 feel to them. Loved that show, hope to see some more of it , doubt this is though.

    Why do people assume that just because a developer/publisher creates incredibly derivative works, that all those in their employ are talentless hacks? It's the bigwigs at Gameloft that call the shots on how their games turn out, these artists are still their own artists. I bet these great designs would be ignored by the upper-management on the basis of "doesn't look like that other successful game at all."

    I actually gave "Backstab" a shot over the holiday... not a bad Assassin's Creed 'clone' at all actually...

    Even pirate-themed to boot.

    They don't make worthless games, they just make knock-offs for very 'business-driven' reasons which I'm sure the artists and programmers themselves have little-to-no say in.

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