Emma Stone Prefers Call Of Duty To Halo. She Is Dead To Me

Emma Stone. I loved you in Superbad. You have a cute girl next door charm. If you went to my high school when we were both teenagers, I would have totally sent you a Valentine's card. But in this interview with Cameron Crowe you said you preferred Call of Duty to Halo. That was the wrong answer Emma Stone. That was the WRONG ANSWER!

CROWE: Fantasy or reality?

STONE: Fantasy.

CROWE: Stardom or a long career as a character actress?

STONE: [in showbiz voice] Stardom! [laughs] No-long career as a character actress for sure.

CROWE: Joni Mitchell or Bob Dylan?

STONE: Bob Dylan.

CROWE: Blonde or redheaded?

STONE: Blonde right now, but who knows?

CROWE: Black-and-white or color?

STONE: Black-and-white.

CROWE: Christmas or Fourth of July?

STONE: Christmas.

CROWE: Halo or Call of Duty?

STONE: Ooh . . . Call of Duty.

Please bear in mind that, of course, I'm joking. I am a little disappointed that Emma Stone chose the visceral thrills of COD over the nuanced gunplay of Halo, but look, Emma has the right to choose. That is her right! It is her right to be completely wrong.

Also, I guess it's kinda cool that, in an interview between a famous Director and a famous female actor, video games — however briefly — came into the conversation. I just thought that was pretty interesting.

And yes, Emma Stone. Despite the fact I am a recovering Halo fanboy, and you crushed my weird dream of me and you going one-on-one on Lockout, you are still pretty cool.

EMMA STONE [Interview]


    Emma Stone kicked ass in her two seconds of Sleeping Dogs role. :P

    I like her, though. The woman's excellent in any thing she's in!

    Doesn't even sound like a gamer, so chances are she has no idea what either is but has most likely heard CoD at one point or another.

      Go back to Waypoint.

    She was great in Easy A and Crazy Stupid Love...

    But now she's dead to me..

    Yup dead to me

    Given she was in Zombieland, I can see how she would choose COD.

      Such a new school CoD loser... I'm sorry the pinnacle is and always will be cod4

    i know hating cod is the "in thing" at the moment but there are truly great multiplayer games they just need to tone it down a bit i love MW 2 online, Halo just didnt do it for me BF3 is better then halo online i dont know anyone who really played online that much might give halo 4 mp ago though

      Hating cod isn't the in thing though look at there sales and that is the problem, Halo revolutionised multiplayer while Cod 4 may of showed promise to do the same as Halo. The francise became a cash cow instead and with minimial innovation between original MW and MW2 let the small demographic of intelligent fps down. Even worse MW3 happened.

    Trick question. Both are wrong.

    The correct answer is Tribes

    awesome i dont mind the cod games i will say MW1, MW2 and MW3 were all horrible but i liked the rest. but i hate halo games they were terrible.

    She can be saved Mark, we can assume that the question is talking about games, not franchises. Then it becomes a matter of Call of Duty (1) or Halo (1) - and I'd say that's a much closer competition. I'm not even sure there's a correct answer now.

      Now that's a tough one. I'd personally have to give it to CoD 1 though due to amount of hours I put into multiplayer back in the day.

    "the nuanced gunplay of Halo"...?

    Just goes to prove Call of Duty is for girls.

    Any mulitplayer after Halo one... in fact any HALO game after HALO one, was utter crap.

      My thought exactly. Bungie wasn't Bungie any more after Halo 1.

    Well at least she will be easier if she is dead ;)

    Why not both?

      I agree, they are both terrible.

      I did however enjoy Call of Duty 1 and 2 however I have never enjoyed a Halo game. I remember getting up to the flood in the first one and thinking what is this crap.

    She just keeps getting more amazing. I have only played 2 Halo games and they were alright. I loved the COD single player games though they were great fun.

    I haven't seen her in Spiderman yet, but loved her in everything else she's done. While I haven't played COD for ages I too prefer it over Halo.
    so *THUMBS UP*

    Maybe she doesn't have an Xbox? I've only played Halo 2 on a friend's machine :(

    Mark, she only picked COD cos BATTLEFIELD wasn't an option ;)

    Halo's sooo shyt what are you all on about.
    Halo 1 was good but the rest were average at best
    COD all the way baby :)

    Both really bad anyway, multiplayer shooters are what porn is to film.

    Face it, halo is crap and she called it.

    We cant help that the pinnacle of FPS these days is full of red cordial kids and frat boys.

    It is superior to anything halo could be in anyway.

    And this is coming from a pc gaming veteran with many command and conquer pro gaming league titles.

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