Fake Gamers Of The Week: Maybe Don't Drink This Family's Punch

There is no colour allowed in this family's home. Theirs is a cult of khaki, a wasteland of white. Their mission is to match. Every inch, every item, every tooth, every person, must be white and well-lit. There can be no dissent. And when they have scourged all colour from their world, they must play, wholeheartedly and with full devotion.

Perhaps they plug their PlayStation into a sepia-toned screen in order to prevent colour from appearing in their eerily lily-white home?

But play they must. Their cult demands full engagement. They are so in tune with the PlayStation that their controllers require neither wires nor charging ports. Perhaps there is no television at all, but a pristine white wall.

Father is a true believer. But Mother... there is sometimes a hollow behind her frozen smile. And — wait! Those are buttons! And they're not even white! They can be seen!

This is not the uniform, madam. Those were not the terms. This cannot stand.

That's it, boys. Play. Just keep playing. The game is all that matters.

Fake Gamers of the Week is a weekly tribute to the strange and wonderful stock photo models of the world.


    And it seems the game has a unique control scheme for each player!

    Also, what's with that poor kids horrid bowl cut?!

    Khaki is green, not white.

      I was confused too.. o.O

      At least the image of the mum holding her controller with her fingers nowhere near the controls got a laugh out of me.

    There should be a red light on each controller indicating which number it has been assigned. These people aren't playing a game at all! :-/

      their assinged number is tatooed on the backs of their heads (the order in which they shall be scacrificed)

    You'd think for these photos they'd at least try and get the subjects to hold the controller correctly.

    Oh god.. who has bowl cuts these days!?!?
    That poor child - his parents clearly hate him.

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