Fake Or Not, There Is Another Xbox 'Durango' Development Kit On eBay...

And the bidding has gone as high as $9,000. Interestingly, the seller of this 'Durango' dev kit is 'Superdae' — could this be the same piece of hardware? Surely he/she doesn't have two of them?

There is no description, and the lead image is the same one used in the previous Durango auction (which sold for a ludicrous $20,000). But looking at Superdae's history, it seems as though the sale that went through yesterday is not part of his eBay record. Very strange indeed.

But still, the original Durango auction seems like it has still gone through as a legitimate purchase — the auction listing still exists and still states that the hardware was sold for $20,100.

Very strange indeed.


    There will be more to this story, Microsoft will hunt you down for their DevKits. Both the seller and buyer beware. Truthfully dont know what the fuss is about... is everyone wanting one? no, didnt think so.

    the history in ebay is just feedback. if the buyer didnt leave feedback, nothing will show.

    Was reading through superdae's Twitter feed last night... turns out he has a second one and was considering selling it as well


    Also, nice upside down pic :P

      That link says' it all, I think.

        It doesn't really, dev kits are not cased accordingly, it's just temporary casing. The real design is kept heavily guarded because it's a big part of what gets hype up before release.

          But the blank, publicity type image on the auction should raise an alarm

    If you go through his twitter replies (which there was a link to his account in an article a few days ago), i'm pretty sure he makes mention he has two dev kits, one of which he was selling because he has no use for, though he also said that he wasn't selling the second one, so i have no idea really.

      If this is all legit then there may be 20 000 ideas why he would sell the second one.

    His Twitter says the original listing was a non payer

      ^This. I wish people would actually investigate things before jumping to conclusions *cough* I'm looking at you Mark.

    Whoever makes a serious bid on this deserves a free pass into the big brother house (why is that shit back on?!) for utter stupidity

    Maybe it's Microsoft selling them so they can make some extra cash.

      Because if there's one thing Microsoft is short of, it's money.

        Have you seen windows 8 it's design is based solely around trying to milk more money out of people. A cool 20k I think they would be down for as well

          20k is nothing to Microsoft...

            20k is a rounding error for them . If somebody at Microsoft sent a company wide email letting them know about the devkit being on ebay, the combined few seconds of time reading that email would cost the company many orders of magnitude more than $20k in lost productivity.

    would it not be possible to clone the drive the SDK is on. As long as you mirrored the hardware set you could conceivably pump out clones of the SDKs, as long as they didn't have a an online two factor authentication setup (you have to wonder why MS and Sony wouldn't have that sort of security on their SDKs)

    Wouldn't the software on SDKs be more important than the actual hardware itself?

    We already know DirectX 11 will be used, so it's useless for competitors to get their hands on since MS already own the IP for everything it contains. If a competitor was to buy it they'd be up for receiving stolen goods, as will anybody else that receives it. Throw his punk ass in jail for a while, that'll help him come back to reality ;)

    I don't understand why Microsoft hasn't jumped on both these auctions, unless it is a massive fake.

      Any oublicity on their part will just draw attention to it. Honestly, the 'best' they could probably do would be win the auction, get the unit, and if it's real, get him picked up for distributing stolen goods or something, or if there's no crime, then just quietly dump it and move on. People will forget this in a week if there's no dustup, but get involved publically and you are the Apple going after a guy with the cops who found a phone in a pub. :P

    That is a fake. What is pictured is actually a " SuperMicro SC745TQ-800 " , which is a normal computer shell.

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