Here's Another Hot New Batch Of Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots

Complete with helicopter chasing, garbage trucks, and one sexy propellor plane. Still no word on a release date or platforms for Grand Theft Auto V.


    I want it now Q_Q

      Well you aint gonna get it NOW. But I'd guess we should get a release date pretty soon since there's been such a flood of screns in the last week or so.

        Yeah i've been thinking this as well!

        Also silly Jason, you forgot to close the italic tag =P

    For some reason, I think a wii u announcement is gonna be in there somewhere.

      If it is happening it will be shown in the next trailer or when they announce what console it will be on, i really hope its on pc

    I wonder if vehicles will be more interactive eg. The protagonist can load cargo on/off a truck/car/van etc. or even better the protagonist can sabotage vehicles doing anything from fiddling under the hood to planting bombs (a mission from GTA 3)

    lol Crackfox it goes furthur back than the 3D titles you know. GTA2 allowed you to attach auto-machine guns, oilspill deployment mechanism and even rig the car to explode (any car). So you could go on icecream truck rampage only to have it explode at the end when you run out of ammo.

    I wonder if that guy in the screenshots is the main character.

    This is all good and dandy, but have they announced if it for PC yet? After seeing how good of a port they did with Max Payne 3, I have faith in Rockstar that they could pull it off

      They haven't even said it's coming to 360 or PS3 yet.

      Yeah it's been announced...

    Heh. They're purposefully obscuring the driver/pilot with major pixelation.

    Woot, from the looks of the last pic it shows the rail bridge that crosses San Fiero to Bone County and the mountain from the trailer looks like Mount Chiliad, so could it be possible that Rockstar are implementing all three cities from San Andreas.

    This is the last bunch of screenshots from Rockstar for a while, but they did say that there will be more GTA V stuff in the coming few weeks.

      Here is the pic that i was talking about, for some reason it didnt get posted in the article.

      Sorry man but that's a stretch.

      There'd be several bridges in California that look like that and Rockstar have previously stated that the game will be set in Los Santos and the surrounding countryside.

    Garbage truck? It's clearly a car carrier.

    That water, it looks great. Not Crysis level but good enough.

    Looking better and better with every screenshot they release, but another trailer or some gameplay would be nice *nudge nudge wink wink* Rockstar :P

    No way the PS3/360 version's gonna look that good.Maybe the Wii-U version and the pc version on a top flight graphics card.
    I think the fact that it hasn't had platforms announced yet is very telling as I would put it in the Watchdogs/Star Wars 1313 category of next gen titles.

      But, they have the PS3/360 logo's at the end of the trailer..

        Or not, I saw them somewhere relating GTA V to them. Was some official release by Rockstar that had such logo's.

      I wouldn't go counting on the Wii U version to look that good...

    Yeah, the more I see of this game, the more likely it appears that it'll be for next-gen consoles. Which is 100% fine by me, while I obviously want to play the game I'd be happy to wait another year (or even two) to have it in the best possible visuals.

    lets hope its better optimised than GTA IV. I'm running tri-fire 6970's and it still runs like a tortoise with a bag of bricks.

    What on Earth is going on with the wheels of the car carrier?

      Search "hella flush" or "stance" in google.

    Well I insulted the last ones, but these ones are a little more telling. Looks good!

    why does the main character in these ones look like a black guy, maybe an older CJ....

    Would be cool if there was a dual story with 2 different characters, maybe trailer guy was just a place holder or something

    Looks ok, nothing special.
    I am highly skeptical after the IV fiasco.
    I don't expect to see any real progress since then, and I haven't seen much yet.

    Let's see the damage model, as in screenshots of cars losing panels not just squishing. That will be the biggest tell if any tech progress has been made. I don't want to play IV in a different city I want a new game.

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