Hey Sexy Lady, Gundam Style!

After PSY's dance ditto "Gangnam Style" went viral, the juggernaut video spawned a slew of parodies, including a stop-motion Gundam Style send-up. This latest "Gundam Style" isn't stop-motion, but it sure ups the ante, complete with RX-78 Gundam and endless Zaku II helmets.

PSY is experiencing one of the biggest crossovers for an Asian artist ever. Read this KpopStarz piece for more info on how "Gangnam Style" went viral and conquered the globe.


    It was up for less than a minute..?

      It was up for about a week, actually. Then kotaku had to go and link it.

    I remember when parody was protected.... wait...

      I think it is but they have to make the actual content themselves. If they were using the song owned by YG entertainment rather then a version of it they made themselves that'd probably be why they can take it down.

      However I'm not a copyright lawyer so I may well be wrong. Also you don't need to really prove any copy right infrigment has taken place the way I understand youtube works. They take it down as soon as you make a claim that looks even slightly ligit.

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