I Can't Tell Which Parts Of This Mario Video Have Real LEGO, And Which Parts Don't...

I'm not really too sure how this is all done. A couple of weeks back I was sent this video — the first level of Super Mario, built like digital LEGO. As in, you could pause the game at any minute and see what LEGO would be needed to build that specific moment. 'Hmmm,' I thought, 'that's kinda cool, but it would be better if it was proper LEGO.' Then, they made it happen!

Clearly their are some parts that haven't been made from LEGO, but some clearly have. So I'm a bit confused. Still this video is pretty smart!


    Very clever.
    Its far too smooth to be stop motion. Was it cg but made to look like lego?

      Yeah, absolutely nothing in this clip is real Lego.
      It's all CGI. Mark, I think you need glasses!

    Ah, World 1-1. The videogame level that just keeps on giving.

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