Lego Mario Leak Shows Massive Bowser Airship

Lego Mario Leak Shows Massive Bowser Airship

On Wednesday, Amazon Australia uploaded a listing for the next big Lego Mario seemingly ahead of its official reveal. It’s a full Lego build of Bowser’s classic airship. While it has since been removed from Amazon, the internet never forgets. Lego fans quickly downloaded and shared images of the set online before it was pulled.

9 to 5 Toys was one of the outlets that were quick enough to grab some of the images which are now circulating the web. According to details from the Amazon listing, this thing is over 14 inches long and includes 1,152 pieces. The whole ship can be collapsed into a smaller shape, hiding all the play features that Mario can interact with, like obstacles and traps.

Bundled with this big set are two Mario enemies. The first is a tiny, pirate-themed Goomba that looks adorable. The other is a brick-build Magikoopa that looks good. I’ve found a lot of the brick-built characters in the Mario theme to be lacking, but this one isn’t too bad. Also included with this set is a canon build. This can be used to shoot Mario and Luigi over to the boat to begin play. Details on Amazon listed this $130, which isn’t too surprising considering how big the set is, plus it’s a big franchise to licence.

This new airship set will most likely be released around the same time as the upcoming Lego Luigi. That new electronic Lego figure and his starter pack launch on August 1. Like the Mario figure, this will be the only way to get Luigi. Neither plumber brother appears in any of the other Mario sets.

The Lego Mario theme started back in August. The various sets and builds interact with the electronic Mario. (They will also all work with Luigi too.) Folks can use Mario to jump on enemies, collect coins and interact with obstacles. It’s an odd but unique way to play with Lego sets. I still wish we got Mario and Luigi minifigs too, but I’m old and grumpy about Lego, so just ignore me.


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