Japan Getting A Giant Gundam, Um, Box

Tokyo got a giant Gundam. Osaka? Osaka is getting a giant Gundam box. From August 15 to August 21, an enormous replica of Gundam model packaging is going up in Osaka Station.

The structure measures 8.3 meters (27 feet) across. Inside, there will be an array of models on display. The goal is hopefully attract Gundam fans during the country's summer holidays. Nothing says excitement like a giant plastic model box.

【夏休み】巨大なガンプラパッケージ、JR大阪駅前に出現 [インサイド]


    The centrepiece of the display will be the next Real Grade model kit, the Zeta Gundam. But let's not bother mentioning the most important piece of news for anyone who is a fan of Gundam or anything.

      Kotaku US seems to be doing that a bit these days, writing articles about the trivial details of an event and not mentioning or even alluding to any of the important facts...

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