League Of Legends E-Sports Just Kicked It Up A Notch

League Of Legends E-Sports Just Kicked It Up A Notch

For most League of Legends fans, the game is, well, a game. But for world-class competitive, professional players, the cutthroat, competitive online battle arena is a serious business. And it’s one that’s about to get even bigger and more lucrative.

Riot Games announced today their plans to form the League of Legends Championship Series, an all-new league of League of Legends. (Say that five times fast.) Like a “regular” sports season — basketball, baseball, what have you — the Championship Series will feature multiple matches, weekly, from professional, salaried teams. Yes, people will get paid to play League of Legends full time. No, you are probably not good enough to join them.

The top three teams from this month’s season two semifinals in the United States and Europe — taking place, respectively, during PAX in Seattle and Gamescom in Germany — will qualify automatically to be among the teams competing in season 3. Regional tournament structures will culminate in a world championship that promises to pay out even more than the season two tournament. As season two has boasted over $US5 million in prizes, that’s no small amount of cash.

For the vast majority who do not find themselves in the top tier of competitors worldwide, never fear. All championship series matches will be broadcast online, in HD, for free. And for players and teams who are not yet the absolute top in the world, but hope to get there, the Challenger Circuit will continue next season, in addition to the Championship Series.


    • On the internet there’s always someone to think everything. While you mull on the ambiguity there, I’d add that I would drop LoL in a second for Dota 2 IF there wasn’t that god awful delay in dota, I can’t take it, I despise a whole lot of what Riot does, but hell if I can find another game that isn’t a FPS that manages to keep my aus latency as low as LoL, I mean I still get annoyed by the miniscule delay in LoL, but compared to Dota 2… uggghh.

    • Well considering it’s not even out yet, it just might! In all honesty they are very different games, so it’s a hard call.

      With me personally, after I finished playing DOTA2 and went back to league, it felt like a kids game. I still play it all the time though. There is no Mordekaiser in DOTA2.

    • p.s, give me an add if you feel like playing. I pretty much play it every night after work. Always looking for more aussie players to game with 🙂 same name as above

  • Both LoL and Dota 2 have SEA servers. On a low latency profile living in W.A i get about 65-70ms for LoL, prolly the same for dota2, maybe 100ms if you’re on the east coast and not with TPG(their routing to singapore is horrible).

  • Pics or it didnt happen phil. I get a worse connection to the SEA servers than the US. Also in WA. With iinet. And I get 70ms to the SWTOR SEA servers, but 300+ to lol.

  • considering there’s already high profile leagues for dota2 and it’s not even out yet, id say LoL isn’t going to beat it.

  • Latency to DOTA 2 from Australia can vary dramatically based pretty much entirely on your ISP and to a lesser extent your location.

    Some ISPs such as Optus, route SEA data via the U.S. so they get 400ms+ pings.

    While others take a more direct route. I have witnessed 100-150ms pings to SEA using Telstra Bigpond from QLD.

    Also, it seems some ISPs do not route to U.S. servers effectively either. On my same BP connection, I get 400ms + to U.S. despite getting 180-220ms to other U.S. hosted games (LOL, Blizzard games).

  • lol is doing a lot of little things better than dota at the moment. For instance.. on the dota minimap, you dont see a character image, just a mark indicating what team the player is on. Lots of little things like that.

    • Check out the settings, you can change it to exactly that 🙂 I was the same until I figured that out. Then realised a lot of the little Ui things that annoyed me about doat, you can change

  • good to know, but it still should be standard to just be able to glance over and see, no extra button presses needed

    • You can change that dude, check out the settings.
      I was the same until I figured out most of the little things on dota2 that annoyed me, you can change.

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