Listen To Sleeping Dogs' Kung Fu Master Rattle Off Hilarious Insults While You Train

Every time you pick up a statue in the open Hong Kong world of Sleeping Dogs, you can take it to your shifu (or your kung fu master). In exchange for the statue, he'll teach you a new move to use against your enemies.

But he'll also insult your practice while you do so. Even if you're kicking every student's arse while experimenting with your newly-learned takedown, your shifu will spit out some of the most hilarious insults. Strung together all at once here is even better. It's one of my favourite parts of Sleeping Dogs.


    And this is why I cringe playing video games with other people in the room. This is in no way 'hilarious', its not even plain funny, it's just tedious video game character dialogue with terrible voice acting.

      Everyone has a guilty secret. Mine is laughing at offensive humour when no-one else is around... ^_^

        offensive humour is even better when there is someone around that doesnt appreciate it! :D I'm just struggling to find any humour in this

          I think the really really bad voice acting just makes it even funnier.
          Seriously, mate - lighten up :)

            hehe just feels like someone from the ps2 era! I dream of games being genuinely funny from being well written and acted. This is the game equivalent of two and a half men :P I'm a cranky old sod who's bitter that games haven't grown up fast enough dammit! Now, back to worshipping my portal shrine

      i think the voice acting is great! , mixed with some cantonese swear words.
      just like a typical kungfu master from hong kong would speak in english.

      one of the charm points of the game i think :)

    Hahahahah some of those were soooo bloody good! bahaha

    buy the game its great

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