Off Topic: Who Watches Reality TV?

On Tuesday at 11pm we talk about things that aren't video games, but I've decided to give it a name, instead of being all vague about it (I probably should have done this to begin with). That name is Off Topic. Today I have a question for you, and I'd like you to be honest! Who watches reality TV?

The above video has been doing the rounds on my Facebook. I was all set to blast everyone and call them a dummy for watching X-Factor, but then I remembered that I totally watched that new Don't Tell The Bride show while I was eating my dinner last night. So yeah, I got off my high horse pretty quickly...

I actually think some reality TV isn't all that bad. I sort of enjoyed The Amazing Race for the first two seasons. And every now and then I get caught up in one of the Karaoke competitions!

I'm not proud of myself, but yeah. I have watched reality TV.

What about you guys?


    I watched the very first series of Big Brother out of some kind of weird fascination, but got bored with that fairly quickly. Caught snippets of the first couple of Masterchefs while my wife was watching it, till she got bored with the way they were trying to make it too artificially competitive.

    At the moment I'm not watching any. Don't judge people who do, but personally would rather watch something interesting like QI on the ABC, or a DVD of Breaking Bad, or play a game, or just watch nothing at all, than subject myself to what feels like inane space filler TV.

    Not I, unless"Go back to where you came from" and "Dumb, drunk and Racist" count.

    On and off. I like the ones that are about a business or company (are these considered 'reality' TV?), as apposed to glorified game shows with contestants; or even worse shows like The Shire and Jearsy Shore that follow fake people doing fake things.

    Yeah I haven't owned a TV since 22 February 2011‎. I don't really feel like I am missing anything. I did watch Cake Boss with my girlfriend, does that count?

      Cake Boss was cool :)

    Listen to JJJ Unearthed radio and you'll hear better voices every day than the one in that ad.

    I was all ready to hop on board the big brother hate train but am loving it, which hurts me so much on the inside.
    Also Masterchef is pretty handy to increase the ol' cooking vocabulary

    I watch quite a few of the SyFy ones, Destination Truth etc. I love Face Off (it's a makeup/special effects competition). I loved Amazing Race and Survivor but I haven't watched the last few seasons.

    My step sister watches a ton of reality TV. I could never figure it out because she's intelligent, has a solid social life, has a good head for politics and she's basically watching garbage. Not all reality TV is terrible but the stuff she'd watch was.

    I have watched, but I don't watch.
    I do not follow reality tv, although I will occasionally sit through an episode on occasion.
    The last reality show I was actually interested in was the first season of Treasure Island, a survival-style show where two groups each face different challenges and have to negotiate to find the treasure and elimination was based on knowledge, not votes.
    The first season of Big Brother Australia was interesting because there was still a question of how much would make it to tv and whether there were any camera blind spots. Second season on I had no interestat all.
    The Amazing Race is still watchable, but I won't go out of my way to.

    I would actually watch Big Brother with gusto IF the producers has some imagination and/or a streak of sadism.

    Imagine if they used it as some unethical psycholical experiment, or spent the entire time trying to fuck with 'contestant's' heads. What the format needs is a healthy dose of evil genius.

      Go with a SIms style experiment...remove all the door handles then set fire to the place.

    "Reality TV"
    Isnt that an oxymoron?

      For a long while I thought an Oxymoron was a real moron.

      Filled with oxygen.

    In the past I have watched:

    Big Brother seasons 1 & 2
    Master Chef seasons 1 & 2
    Australian Idol seasons 1 & 2

    That seems to be my tolerance. One "house" show, cooking show, one overhyped karaoke competition - maximum two seasons. I haven't watched any other talent programs or dancing shows, and I've certainly not watched any scripted reality dramas like Jersey Shore, The Shire, etc.

    I actually haven't watched any TV since the New Years Eve fireworks, and even then I nearly forgot. We disconnected Foxtel back in February and since we don't have an antenna for our TV we basically don't get a TV signal.

    Anything good (Breaking Bad, for instances) we tend to watch online, where possible.

    I generally don't watch reality TV as I always have more shows to watch (the Apple TV helps), though I have watched the tail end of The Amazing Race a few times.

    That said, the linked video above was pretty heartwarming, you could tell she was getting more than a little overwhelmed by the audiences response to her performance but she still managed to sing beautifully. Good luck to her.

    The news makes a sufficient dent in my faith in humanity to be able to watch idiots being put into contrived circumstances specifically targeted at making that dent larger... and god did that sound pretentious.
    My opinion of reality tv pretty much comes down to that of Billy Conolly's - "people in a house watching people sit in a house". No thanks - if I wanted to do that, I have a mirror.

    Some really bad reality shows on tv these days, like Operation Repo, Swamp People, and
    literally every hillbilly is doing a Picker show or Pawn shop reality show. I hate them with all my guts!

    Yet. I still like some reality tv. Like my favorite 'American Chopper', Amazing Race
    (Australian version sucks btw) and sometimes even Survivor!
    Probably my reason for watching chopper is I just like big bikes, and the drama between Senior
    and Junior seems fairly genuine.

    I just watched Masterchef Allstars because Justine is really hot. Does that make me a bad person?

    I would never have seen that if you didn't post it here. I'm glad you did.

    The only "reality TV" shows I watch are documentaries. Just finished up "Flying Wild Alaska" on Netflix. Good show, especially for aviation enthusiasts.

    I hate reality TV, All I ever see on tv is crap like that. Bring back Full Frontal/Fast Forward.

    "Reality tv" is TV committing suicide because it was afraid the internet would kill it off anyway. By watching that you contribute to the idiocy.

    The best show to watch is "The Soup" which unfortunately I don't get to see since giving Foxtel (E!) the flick - but it does a roundup of the week's viewing on American TV and man alive you get to see some bizarre reality shows there - it was the first place I remember seeing 'Swamp People' for instance!

    "oh my god its my birthday, im 18!" click[closes tab]

    I stopped watching once they got social media involved. My TV time is me time, and I do not want to be bombarded with with messages telling me to like this and tweet that or having other peoples two cents shoved on the screen. Cannot stand Xfactor.

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