PS3 Owners, You're Getting Skyrim DLC. Eventually. One Day.

While Xbox 360 and PC owners are getting excited for Skyrim's second piece of major DLC, PS3 owners are still waiting to get their hands on the first. So they're understandably a little curious as to why the hell that is.

Taking to Twitter, PS3 owners have been asking Bethesda's Pete Hines for info and status updates, and Hines, while avoiding specifics, has been answering.

So that's...something, right? I'm sure what he could say is "hey, the PS3 version of this game has serious problems and that's making this DLC really hard", but I doubt that would fly.

Bethesda insists Hearthfire development has not caused Dawnguard PS3 delay [Eurogamer]


    I find Peter's interaction with community useless and he also comes across as extremely arrogant. Seriously what value does he add that couldn't be generated by a tweetbot instead?

      From that image it just looks like he was being direct and honest. And considering how some people seem to think to make video games you do a voodoo dance and summon magic fairies, one can hardly blame him for having a "matter-of-fact" attitude.

    I have yet to buy Skyrim for my PS3 and this is why. When devs like Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica can create masterpieces it is clear that 'business decisions' drive Bethesda to release the crap they do for PS3. Why else would they withhold PS3 review copies of the game? My only hope is that the PS4 will be more 'mainstream' so that tight arse publishers can bank on their 'one size fits all' engines and it won't affect my console of choice.

      FIrstly, "tight arse publishers"? So free money essentially?

      Secondly, rampant speculation. Too much internet.

    Just finished fallout3 and new vegas after many many hours... was about to buy skyrim today, but after sitting through the crashathons of fallout (save every 5 minutes!)) I think I might wait for the goty edition (or just buy it for my *choke* xbox)

    I personally feel that ps3 have been shafted horribly. Like if the dev team for hearthfire

    I personally feel that ps3 have been shafted horribly. Like if the dev team for hearthfire joined the ps3 fix-it crew in any little way possible, it would be much better for PR and community if ps3 got their first dlc before xbox got their second. It's been downhill since release for ps3 owners. Bethesda took our money same as Xbox and we get half a product? F* that I want a refund

    The reason Skyrim and its DLC is an issue on the PS3 isn't a lazy Bethesda (well they should be using a new engine like everyone else) or bad console design by Sony.
    It is the fact that the Skyrim engine is the same engine from several Elder Scrolls games earlier that they keep retrofitting and patching. Now with the PS3 being very unique (Xbox 1 and 360 are very PC based) they have managed to do the game well enough on Xbox and PC but have a hard time porting it to PS3.
    More recent game engines have been designed with PS3 and Xbox in mind from the ground up hence why Naught Dog and Sony Santa Monica can make a game that makes the PS3 hardware sing aswell as other devs like Ubisoft Montreal making cross platform games.
    My point is the near sighted Bethesda has screwed PS3 so you should not buy there game AT ALL if they don't support your platform of choice. Buying on PC or Xbox when you want a PS3 version that works will make the bean counters see high sales on non PS3 and low on PS3 and thing there is no market rather than "oh yeah we should make a working PS3 game so they buy it on that INSTEAD".

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