Bethesda's Pete Hines Is The Keynote Speaker At PAX Australia

Last year PAX Australia brought in Ron Gilbert, creator of Monkey Island, as its keynote speaker, this year they've announced that spot will be filled by Pete Hines of Bethesda.

Pete Hines is the Vice President of PR & Marketing at Bethesda Softworks and will present the traditional 'storytime' Keynote on the Friday morning.

PAX Australia takes place on 31 October to 2 November at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Single day tickets for Friday and Sunday are still available and can be found here.


    That'll be a pretty interesting speech I think. Not as cool as Gilbert, but pretty cool.

    oh god. he'll get nothing but questions about Fallout 4.

      The way it should be! Should be his first slide.

      at least he's now of the 'we'll announce it when it's ready' type of guy rather than flat out denying anything. Hopefully by the end of the year we'll hear something about it, but I say that every year

    Kind of hoping the queues wont be as bad as last year. I'm sure I stand to be disappointed.

      I somehow doubt there'd be shorter queues. but it is a bigger venue, so at the very best, you just wont have to turn up quite so early to get in.

      Different venue, larger capacity, so hopefully it's a bit more streamlined

        They've also sold more tickets though.

        Personally this is someone I'll happily skip.

          Pretty sure it's all sold out, so you're in luck :-)

          That was my opinion after last year's as well, though. The couple of things I actually got into were good, but the vast majority of my day involved standing in a lines for hours just so that I had a vague chance of making it into a panel.

            I intend to probably do what I did last year, and spend all three days hanging around playing board games with people. Though if the lines are better I might try and hit a few panels, only got to one last year.

      You will queue for hours and you will like it! :p

        This is why we have portable gaming devices is it not? ;)

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