Resident Evil 6 DLC Is Hitting The Xbox 360 First



    Because, y'know. DLC and stuff. Oh, and platforms! Hate platforms.

      Got it in one.

      The RE4 and RE5 DLC missions were awesome. I'll be glad to pay for more missions. Costumes? Not so much. So I'll just not buy that sort of DLC.

    I hope it is available on launch day, why would I want it not as soon as I could have it?

      Yeah sell us more content as we're buying the game. We're happy to pointlessly pay extra.

        That sounds about right for Capcom

        Erm, its not pointless, you're getting extra content?

        So if you go to buy a new Toyota, you deserve to have the metallic paint and alloy wheels without paying any extra because.. 'they already exist as you're buying the car'?

    I seriously don't get why publishers let this exclusive shiz happen. It's not like it boosts overall sales. It just makes Microsoft as a company happy for sd ome people with multi consoles going for a 360 version. Then makes Playstation only owners put off buying it...

    Who cares? Launch day dlc is for chumps

      Read: "DLC is for chumps"

        a touch sweeping perhaps fellas? Thats like saying 'books are poorly written'. RDR nightmare, GTA BoGT and the additional levels to L4D2 are fantastic additional content I've got recently - I'd have gladly payed double for each of them, and would have loved them all to be available on launch day

          Well you're in luck! I've heard that RE6 has a zombie mode already

            haha I'm yet to be convinced, havent seen any zombies in RE for a while now!

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