Sonic, You Are A Liar, And That's Awful

This is a screenshot from Sonic Generations. It's difficult to tell whether it's an excess of optimism or just straight-up trolling.

Sonic [HybridShadowz, via Tiny Cartridge]


    I don't think Sonic is the only one trolling here....
    Seriously why does Luke still have a job? surely the head of Kotaku (Is it still Stephen Totilo? I don't really know or care anymore) realizes they could just faceroll on the keyboard and get a better article, saving a fair amount of money each month.

      I would assume because the American audiences like, if not at the very least tolerate him . . . and thats all that matters to the group that runs the American site. . .

      I think people should realise by now that the fact that Plunkett stil has a job is a testament to how much they do not care about the Australian commenter base

      Agreed. I already subscribe to a platform with a draconian character limit for each post and a small army of people recycling each other's content. #FLUNKETT #VAGINAMONOLOGUES

    I am actually sick of Luke posting this crap. Not to mention Sonic Generations came out last year, and this wouldn't have been funny to post then, either.

    One sentence and a picture, via another site.
    - Plunkett

      To be fair, there is two sentences.

    when i played the game, i always felt this comment was said tongue in cheek

    Hey people raging over article for all your news needs check this link Or you can stay here and complain. Kotaku raging: serious business ;)

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted

      woah! maybe not die, thats a bit harsh.... lose all his save games maybe
      or is that worse?

      Ooooh it's like a Plunkett filter. Me Rikey...

      Funny story, after seeing the au writers stories i still expect to see some sort of story when i click a #flunkett (as mongo puts it) link as well. Arent I the fool.

      Be much better if the writers were paid by content, dont think luke would be eating this week.

    I really hope the US guys don't get paid for this

    Who is in charge of deciding which US articles show up on Kotaku AU? Perhaps they should stop showing the Plunkett articles? That could sent a statement.

    I lold. I knew the comments would make this article worth it

    wow he rewrote the article from 2 little lines "this is from sonic generations, its hard to tell if its trolling" to this. yes he rewrote it to what you see above..... what the article is now is the freaking rewrite. unbelievable!

    Wow. I'm sorry I got here late.

    Most people here about Luke Plunkett is wrong. Wrong about Kotaku. You see, this isn't just an article/news site (well, Kotaku US, at least), but also an area where interesting tidbits are shared such as about Japan (a la Bashcraft), comics, or funny stuff from reddit which non-reddit users don't see. Kotaku really needs a mission statement just to make it clearer for these people.

    And for the record, Luke has written proper articles before. Rare, yes, but relatively well-written. It's just when he posts aside stuff that people start bitching.

    The article is mildly amusing but thats not the point, If you dont like just dont read his posts, DUH.......

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